Grand Space Opera Challenge FAQ / Questions / Answers


I can only imagine. But hey they extended the submission date by a day, maybe they are extending the same courtesy to the voters as they did to us artists.

Doubt it; they only did that because too many people were trying to upload to the server that it created a bottleneck and people started to have trouble uploading their entries (which is why it’s always safer to finish before the deadline).

As far as the announcements, Mibus told me once that you shouldn’t expect to hear anything till February 14th - the day they announce the entire list of winners (Grand Prize, Runner-ups, Honorable Mentions, etc.). :slight_smile:


Yup, we let the voting run a little late - better to close late than early! There was also less of a need for a fixed deadline (unlike the challenge itself) so nobody could be hurt by it.

It’s closed now though :slight_smile:


well that’s good luck for me cause i got to give a few votes i had forgotten to in all the hurry,


Hi everyone,
When I log in in order to vote for community award, the server said that I am not a finalist of GSO challenge ; then I rewrite my password and I finally can vote…
What’s a finalist ? Is it someone who submitted all the milestones or is it somebody who is one of the 15 shortlisted ?


The same happended to me while trying to vote and I have the same questions…


Same here… I think a finalist is somebody who submitted all the milestones…
'cos I was allowed to cast a vote (on my second try) :smiley:


The failing of the first login attempt is probably just a bug (had that as well, which makes four of us…) And only those who have submitted ALL milestones (simply completed their entries as opposed to quit with an incomplete entry) are supposed to vote.


somehow i didn’t have any problems :wink:


It’s probably because of your VIP status around here :smiley:


hmmm…i didnt have any problems too…just clicked the link in the e-mail and got in smoothly…and im new:)!


:bounce: …i didn’t have any problem too…i entered my username and password…had a cup of coffee and voted the guys…errr…i voted. :slight_smile:

Finito la musica, passato la fiesta…OLE!


Maybe the bug is fixed then :wise:


hmmm…i did it before these posts were made …at least i think:)!..then i again maybe im wrong heheh!:curious: …!


Yap, no problems here as well, and I have voted about 12 hours before now.


is there something i should know about ? :smiley:


Looks like it was a minor issue that only occured if you weren’t already logged into CGN.

Should be fixed now, thanks guys! :slight_smile:


I voted to one of the nominees for the Community award but all of them seemed to get the vote.I don’t know why.:shrug:


I voted to one of the nominees for the Community award but all of them seemed to get the vote.

Not quite… it just replaces the “vote” button by a placeholder text, which is “thankyou for voting”.

You still just voted for the one person :slight_smile:

(Well… one 2d, one 3d :))


What’s up now then!:eek:
I wanted to vote for the 2d works and I got a massage .
You were not a finalist of the GSO challenge. Only finalists can vote for the participation winner
I have completed my challenge all od em and step by step and I Had Voted for 3D so what is this …


I got to vote for the Community copntribution award and I had no problems with any of the technology whatsoever.

I was a little disappointed in the selection, though. No offense to anyone whatsoever: all of the finalists were quite worthy, but there were also other people who were part of the challenge whom I felt disappointed not to have seen on the Community Challenge ballot. These are people who obviously didn’t top the final 5 for quantity of posts, but were way up there in quality. Of course, it’s a lot easier to take the top 5 in quantity (which is strictly objective) than quality (which is sheerly subjective) but it might have been nice to have a larger pile to draw from. Or perhaps a system similar to the art voting where you can vote for everyone in the chanllenge and cast as many votes as you like but openly the top vote-getter wins. I am sure that whomever wins will be deserving, but I just feel that there were some others who were equally deserving that were not on the list… or moreso ( but again, an entirely subjective call!) :slight_smile: