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So does that mean that if I like my image I can vote for myself as well? :beer:

just kidding.

I am finished with the 3D voting… haven’t gone to 2D yet :eek:


A freaking story
I know of a recent challenge in other site, I won’t mention where and what, but it happens that when the voting period started, one of the challengers, i don’t know how, made his way to configure and link an addresse of a shoping center in such a way that when you clicked on an specific button, you where actually voting for his image! at the end he had such a big diference of votes against other challengers that he definitly was the winner.
But his image was not the best, so, some people started complaining about the issue and some started investigating until they came to find out how he did.
I think that is some kind of “criminal” action and at the end he fools only himself
It would be GREAT to win, but only in the right way, getting what your work deserves even if it is not one material price or recognition.
I thought it would be an interesting tale to be written here, please, don’t missunderstand, there is no personal meaning telling you this, I feel great just for having completed my thread :stuck_out_tongue:


That reminds me of something that happened on a web design contest in my country. It’s not exactly the same but what happened is that some people discovered a “glitch” on the voting procedure. They added some code to their main page so that every hit they got would be counted as a vote :eek:

A friend that was a contestant wrote an email to the guys that were running that contest. They seemed not to care so he not so politely requested his website to be taken down from the contestants list. He was really pised off.


Does that mean that all the shortlisted contestants do get notified through E-mails right after the public voting, whereas “the public” don’t know who they are until the final announcement?


Georgie: I believe they were refering to when they announce the winners on February 14th (at least, that’s what Mibus said once).


I don`t think that this is going to happen here. The public voting only is 25% so it only gives a “direction”. The jury than will be able to push their favorites to the end line.


Voting system is one of the best i know.

Specially now that they are going to publish a cool book of the winners. I really doubt theyd stick ugly picture on the front cover just because it received hundred times more votes.

Still id like to know how many votes i received. Would be pretty funny:)
I always end up with one vote and you all know how hard it is to resist the vote button…

resist the vote button but i tried! :blush:


• LOL, I know, when I was kid, there was a Football game all players where ready but it was one player more than necessary: a friend and I :stuck_out_tongue: so, we made a voting and he won for only one point, I voted for him, but he voted for himself! :smiley: so, after that, everytime I can vote for myself I do it, after all there must be some self esteeme in every one of us, however, thanks god it is posible voting for more than one challenger here, so I gave also my vote to most of the people who visited my thread, not only for visiting, but how kind they were and also their work is cool and they deserve it…well I said it :shrug: :smiley:


Yeah, but if a person was successful in cheating in that mannor, he would be pushing himself into the shortlisted winners and move on into the Phase 2 voting, while taking a spot away from an entry which is better.
I doubt this type of cheating would be possible here at CGTalk, but I suppose it’s technically possible… :shrug:


I’m so critical i could not vote for myself

even if i would have made a pic i would like myself , which i haven’t
done yet often , i would think there’s so many great ideas and pics out there
i just would be ashamed to think my pic would somehow be above
ALL of them


Well I didn’t vote for myself because I figured that one single vote wouldn’t make a big difference… What are the odds that I am in par with some other guy and that vote could have made a difference? Very unlikely…

Squibbit: How can you say that? I don’t consider myself a hell of an artist but I do like my final pieces… if I didn’t I wouldn’t have a showreel and I wouldn’t have a gallery on my website… I just happen to make better projects every time and the “favorite images” are replaced by “new favorite images”… That’s what I would call “self steem” (or whatever, I don’t recall how to write it)


yeah… being critical is one of the most importants things, however is complicated to say if there is anybody right, we just do what we think is ok and it is a very abstract choice, it depends of many predujices and maybe moral concepts… as long nobody gets hurt i think the own vote is a way to push your own work forward, at the end the best image shall win no matter if you vote or not for yourself, I mean, I don’t really think voting could be so tight that a single vote would make a significant diference, there are hundred of persons coming and going in this site, even if anybody wins for his single vote it is not anything to be shamed of, it would be diferent if you tell your friends to vote for you, or to find the way of voting more than once for yourself, now, that would be a non ethic procedure, The vote is free as long it is made in the right way, doesn’t matters who or whom u vote for :slight_smile: One of the great things in this challenge is that I could vote not for a single person, but for the works and people who made an outstanding Job. :beer:


ok then , maybe i don’t need the push of self esteem to vote myself :slight_smile:

now really, how to explain myself…
1 pic against 1 , i could vote for or against myself …in a certain category

I can’t give myself a vote against all…and if i done good it’s up to u to notice
it, by voting.

about good pics…ehehe…i can like my pics a bit…but
when i do a pic with ( examples from this competition’s entries):

Daryl Mandryk’s explosiveness
Maciej Kuciara’s feel
Eric Brownings emotion
Pierre Droal’s vision
Antonio Javier Caparó Salgado’s thought
Tranchefeux’s mysticism
Emrah Emlasli’s grandieur
Teemu Rajala’s fun
and somebody elses adjectives :blush:

well, u know. then I will vote for it, worry not, but not before :slight_smile:


Yeah, same with me. (still, you never know… :rolleyes: )


Believe me theres always a way you could techincally cheat. The technology is always as good as the people behind it and there is always someone better who is able of breaking in. But as it was already said in here, I also dont think that a “less good” picture will make it to the cover page. The CGNetworks guys would loose their competence if something like this would happen.

Anyway, contestants… how do you feel about this: After reading all the posts in here I started to get a aversion to the word “vote” :slight_smile: Seriously, I always vote for things I like ! This includes of course my image otherwise it would have been very stupid spending so much time creating it.


That’s why in the end I did it… so when both of us are on par my vote will be decisive to win :beer:

Anywayz, even the presidents vote for themselves during elections :shrug:


I wouldn’t count on that… I ended up voting for my entry as well. :smiley:
(hey, if a person doesn’t think their art belongs among the others and doesn’t deserve a vote, why enter it?)

Eh… wasn’t the Public Voting suppose to be over on the end of Thursday? (yet today, I see people can still vote for the entries)


I was wondering the same thing.


About self voting:
Is there a discussion about the idea scratched my mind a few days ago?

It is not so strange but funny to see the things change when a taboo like subject get brought over the top of discussion table.

Sometimes things seem like the rock islands in sea fog and generally vapors off but sometimes become someones reality.

By the way, YES !!! What about the shortlists? Have anybody heard something about the phase 1 votings’ results? Or moderators keep it still open just because of continous votes come from all around the world?


I can only imagine. But hey they extended the submission date by a day, maybe they are extending the same courtesy to the voters as they did to us artists. :slight_smile: I am just soo curious what will be next!