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[QUOTE=Mibus]If you re-uploaded it, you should refresh the page - that text will never go away, you just have to look for the thumbnail image to change. If it hasn’t changed, try a “super refresh” - normally you hold down the Shift key, and click the refresh button.

Try this atrurro


thanks Fahrija, but it didn’t work. I even have deleted the temporary internet files, history and coookies:) but still, I see my first upload there…

Maybe this as some influence: the zip names are the same, but the rirst uploaded tiff has other name than the next uploads(which have the name of the zip, this number)…?


I always feel so stupid when I have to ask internet questions lol

I uploaded my zip using dreamweaver, and I saw it in the online files, but I am not certain enough about ftp to feel comfortable just leaving it knowing it’s there…is there any way to double check or something? I mean with the jpg I know automatically that it posts cause I see it on the site…but the server stuff makes me nervous about complications … I hope I explained my question well enough lol


Does the tif filename matter ? I uploaded the_messenger.tif to zipped as I see the thumbnail at final_image page, but I didn’t received any email notification(file sent ~6h ago). I ask for details, need to be 100% that I completed all the steps.
Or what if I see the thumbnail and didn’t received email not. before 12 GMT ?


Wow talk about seeing the server is too busy message 1000 times too many today… somebody needs to either reboot the server or uncap the bandwidth a bit… this is maddening. I know you guys are trying your best, but I am concerned about getting things submitted on time with all this traffic.


Some people have slightly larger Jpegs in their posts for the final image than I can achieve, no matter what image size I upload(1200 X ?), the image size remains the same (800 X ?)
For people to see my image I would like the jpeg to be as large as the screen will allow . Do you know how I can solve this.


got the notification :slight_smile: now I’m sure everything’s hunky dory, whoohuuu


I got the confirmation mail… cool:) but there is still a thumb of my first uploaded tiff… I have uploaded it now again, refreshed, deleted history, etc, and nothing changed:shrug:


Even though I still had time left, it would not let me submit my final jpeg! This is a tad frustrating, especially if it somehow removes me from the challenge.

However, I did manage to send the tiff via FTP and it appears that it went through. No confirmation mail as of yet.


I received it!!! :thumbsup: 1 hour later :slight_smile:


I seem to have a similar problem. I posted my final image 1 hour before end of contest ended. The problem I was having is that I could not upload my am I out? I’m no computer specialist, but I tried with two programs Cuteftp and Leechftp. there was always an error on the other side when I tried connecting. Does that mean I can’t participate?



Why can I not submit? WTF! It said you had until midnight tonight!?



It’s almost amusing that this is the second time I’ve tried submitting this message - the server was too busy to accept it firt time. It’s taken an hour to submit last response (which failed) and go round and come back again to the reply box.

I’m rather frustrated with the major server problems. I simply haven’t been able to upload the tiff despite trying for the last 6hrs. I submitted my final image as jpeg in wip thread about then. But since then I’ve been trying to load up the tiff without success (first time, crashed completely, second failed after 30%, and this time is chugging along at 1.2k/bs…). If, as it appears I’m not alone with this problem, and with problems submitting to this thread to let you know there’s a problem (you have to laugh!), will you (please) be lenient and allow those who clealy submitted their final image jpeg well before the deadline (ie those who have clearly finished) to be allowed to have there late tiffs counted too??? Inthis way you can be strict and ensure nonoe has had extra time to finish their work, but be fair to those who have suffered du to teh overloaded servers.

It would hardly be right to penalise contestants for the failings of the servers… and don’t say we should have been ready in plenty of time :slight_smile: as 6 hrs to upload a measly 12mbs is more than enough - or ought to be!

I’d also take issue with fact that it was not possible (as far I could see and I’d read the final image faq a few times in teh last week or two) to know whether you needed to download an ftp client until you tried the final part of submitting the final image…I mean that screen that redirects you to ftp info site when you’re ready to upload! Downloading an ftp client caused further delays which i could have easily avoided…

c’est la vie, perhaps, but it shouldn’t, shouldn’t, have to be…

Thanks for reading this anyhow,



All I know is if an site technical issue disqulaifies me from this contest I will be sooo freaking pissed …


Looks like the submit entry page is pegging the deadline at 34 or so hours from now. I thought this thing was over… :rolleyes:


I uploaded my image before the deadline this morning but I put the wrong filename on it. I just uploaded it again with the correct filename but when I tried to go back to the final image page it says …

FTP Information

Username: challenge6
Password: gso6tiff

There was an error loading your file. Please try uploading again

Please help I have spent a lot of time on this image. Thanks in advance.


Oh thank God, I got my confermation email. (and I can view my Tiff as well) :applause:

From the sounds of it, it was a good thing I uploaded on Saturday instead of my initial plan of Sunday; doesn’t make it fair if a person can’t enter by deadline if the server is have problems. :shrug:

bolchover: Can’t you just use IE to upload the zip file via FTP to the challenge servers?

vrf: I could be wrong, but wasn’t the deadline also based on the time of where you live as well? (however, I could way off here: could a Mod maybe explain this?)


agh! it’s failed to upload again!!! It reached 9Mbs out of 12. I’ll try submitting again now, but will have to leave it to look after its self, as I have to have some sleep before work tomorrow.

This is all just a tad frustrating…


Hi all,

Due to the unexpectedly high number of people using CGTalk yesterday which overloaded our servers, preventing Grand Space Opera contestants from uploading their images, we are giving one day additional time to upload their final images.

If you have failed to complete the challenge with all the deliverables below by midnight 18 January (whole world) - you will not qualify for judging.



Each challenger is required to submit images for the following milestones:

For 3D Stills:
Concept Sketch - JPG (online)
Modeling - JPG (online)
Texturing - JPG (online)
Lighting - JPG (online)
Rendering - JPG (online)
Post Effects and Compositing, JPG (online)
Final Image - JPG (online) AND print resolution TIF (FTP)

For 2D Illustrations:
Concept Sketch - JPG (online)
Line Art - JPG (online)
Coloring WIP - JPG (online)
Final Coloring - JPG (online)
Final Image - JPG (online) AND print resolution TIF (FTP)

Any challenger that does not submit the above images by midnight 18 January 2005 (whole world), will not qualify for final judging.

Thank you,



hi artisticvisions - well I’m running IE 6 in windows 98, and it wouldn’t let me directly ftp, so I had to download the client program. I don’t know why I couldn’t directly - I spose might have been security settings or just my older platform?

At least the loading of this thread has speeded up now:rolleyes: