Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Zubuyer Kaolin


I also want to make something after the challenge:thumbsup: just to learn more and make something fun and exciting! you have a great idea, maybe with the support of the cgtalk we will do that:twisted: I wanted to animate my battle just to learn how to do that, because believe me or not, I’m a begginer and these one of my first works. Before, I have just watched a lot of tutorials. So with me doing animation alone it would be a long time to finish… but with a support of you guys… it can be something great!


sweet :twisted: :deal:


hey this is great… thanx for the replies…arturro thanx for supporting my idea… but 2 of us wont do much… so do we have some other in the POST GRAND SPACE OPERA BATTELZONE?!


i love the ships Zubuyer, pretty good modeling too! looking forward to your stuff! :thumbsup:


Hey overcontrast! Nice job so far! :thumbsup:
The last ship turned a real beauty! The composition sketch looks quite grande!

Waiting for more!

PS1 : I find the idea of GRAND SPACE OPERA BATTELZONE quite interesting…Hmmmmmm…

PS2: I also like a lot your new avatar


Man this is some awesome updates great job so claen designs cant wait for more:bounce:

keep em comin :bounce:


uwil: thanx buddy

terraarc: thanx buddy, hope ur in the GSOB club… we need supportes yo… PS: guess all those no-stop wiggleing is paying off…:wink:

Lelantos: thanx buddy…

INFO UPDATE: I’ll b posting some updates of the ships in an hour or so…thanx for all your supports… :deal:


heya mate! as i said everything is going to be ok with u … when ur acc broke and IT IS!
great stuff here , really like ur ideas! new guns and everything! just work ! :slight_smile:


heres a little update on the BloodSucker… I hope i’ll finish it within tomorrow (hopefully)


Hi there Zubuyer!
Very nice ship Youwe got here, an extreme level of details, all the bumps give a nice touch to it, great effort, thumbs up! Really great job!


Sheesh… rubbingmyeyes

gosh, it’s still here… boah kaolin, this is really awesome.
O absolutely like your style because of thes nice clean modeling you’re doing.
Seldom saw this way clean but realistic looking models!! :applause:

Keep that up, I’ll follow your thread and burning for more stuff :bounce:

keep that up m8


thanx guys… i really appriciate ur support… by the way, by the look of this ship, what size would you guess it is… i really need to know this… thanx :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi there Overcontrast!

Great concept mate… quite the assembly line you’ve got going here :slight_smile:
Your designs are turning out beautifully, great balance of volumes and detail placing…bravo :thumbsup:


What i really like to your ships is they really look like war machines with great armor etc.:thumbsup:

that ship looks like a small maybe a 2 person ship, ofcourse thats only my opinion.
man that are some killing detail :buttrock:


Cool updates here :slight_smile: but I agree with Lelantos that the ship looks small… sorry but we don`t see the scale now :shrug: maybe add some windows, doors or some inscriptions which will show anything as a reference.

Keep up the great work :thumbsup:


man your avatar is one of the most funny and amazing things i have seen in a while.!:scream:
ok…and your work is also amazing…just great modeling skillz…:thumbsup::thumbsup:


Well the ship looks like a middle class fighter, not more then 2 persons siting in the front, IMHO.


The ship is really “mean”! :thumbsup:

For me the size is not that obvious… I have a suggestion though…maybe making the front wings a lot bigger will add to it’s mean look…

Waiting for updates!


Hey - great model - the blood sucker. I love all the tiny detail.

It looks a little like a star trek phaser though…it looks small. actually, i think its just a lighting issue - the shadows are too soft - maybe they should be sharper to give a sense of scale.
I’m just being picky though - its only a test render…

i bow before your’e mighty mesh detail


The bloodsucker is looking really great !
I have no crits…:thumbsup: