Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Zubuyer Kaolin


well… mate good as always! :slight_smile:
and u have animated ur avatar! WEEEEEE :slight_smile:


Neat modelling. Can’t wait to see the finished masterpiece :smiley:

Keep it up! :thumbsup:


beautiful colors! and great piece of painting. Is this only a color test? or a approach to final background…? if a tests, then it’s a great one:thumbsup: but if the something very close to the final background I would advice to think it over… I mean that the mood and style of it is too 2d, too much of dezzling beauty(like from a cartoon), and your ships look amazing and serious. You must decide which way to go. If you go with the more real picture, you should change the background(not the idea and not the colors).
good luck! I see nice progress and will be watching you:bounce:


thanx guys for ur relpies…
arturro: yeah u got it right… its just a color test… i wannet to put the background color in my mind and … the final image is gonna b more sirious and its all gonna b 3d…btw thanx for ur reply…

thanx again guys


Amazing piece! :bounce:
The frontal perspective looks really c00l!

Keep going!


hey overcontrast CONGrats man I respect you. You have some freaking ships and guns models I wish you luck and I will support ya man :slight_smile: Ciao



I like what you have done with the “Bloodsucker” ship, looks more real. The Color background looks great, the thing that comes to mind is that there are too many stars. Although this could be that there is nothing else( no ships ) in the scene.
This is going to look good with all your ships infront of it.
My GSO entry


Okay guys, i was confused about the final composition, but now i’ve made up my minds, and this is how i hope my final work will look like. I also tweaked the main structure model and gave it some more dinamic shape… now i just hope i can finish it in time…hope u like it… C&C plz…


wow. nice modelling skills. i like the atention to detail you put in your models. it’s now when i start to wonder what the hell am i doing among these proffesionals.

good luck with the cahllenge :thumbsup:



I finally have some time to spare (finals almost over) and I figure I could share my input on some of the pieces here :bounce:

I really like the concept (reminds me of those cool flight simulators). I only have one pointer that I’d like to share. Does that blood sucker have any guns or anything? The model is extremely good but I can’t find a way for it to attack :shrug:


that ship model is great Zubuyer…!
cool stuff…!:thumbsup:
but i think you background is a bit blurry… but it all depends on the composition… so i’m looking forward to see it… best of luck mate and cheers… :beer:


nice job!
i like the ships design:thumbsup:

see it…


rodrigogua: hahaha thanx man, but i’m no pro dude… i’m just a kid massing around… btw i hope u’ll just do great in the challange buddy… good luck…

nemirc: thanx for posting… well yeah ofcourse the BloodSucker got guns… this ship got some of the most advanced lien assault weapons… the holes you see in the side of the BS is the place where the guns will b mounted… and there will b a lot of craws under the craft to grab other smaller crafts…i’m working on the weapon system right now… hope that answers your questions… thanx again

greentek: well that panting was just an exagerated test of the typ of background i want for my final scene… its no where near the final background… and for ur information, i’ll b making the background in 3D, and i dont plan to make any CG paintings of the planets… but the starfrield will b painted in PS… thanx for posting man… o btw ur Bushinton got a santa hat i cna c… hehe …

LAURO_MX: thanx buddy…

INFO UPDATE: i’m still working on the composition and designing the center MOthership and also moldeing the BloodSucker… I’ll post some updates as soon as i can;)… :deal:


hey man you got really cool models there.
i dont have nothing to say here, you ver good my friend. you are the one who have to give me some advices jejejje
well bye everybody see ya later.
:bounce: have fun


lol… man your avatar really rules…! :smiley:
cool and funny update…! i like it greatly…! :smiley:
cheers… :beer: lol…


hahah thanx for noticeing man…
:stuck_out_tongue: :deal: :thumbsup:


Nice composition man, on the left side there will be a battle in the background? and more ships in the foreground? Because it’s not mentioned on the sketch, and now the center point of the action is moved more to the right, and I feel a little lack of something on the right side.


hey arturro, okay heres the idea… i wanna put some massive battel in most part of the scene… but theres more to the story… earth is also in attack with a lot of nukes and bombs… so i like to keep some little window to the surface of the earth to show that… and on the right side i’ll put some escaping ships and some attack ships too… in the left side of the scene is mostly dedicated to attackers and explostions… and i want my main vessel to fire plazma blasts in every direction (ofcourse in a order… not like mad) i also want to put some of the docked defence ships inside of the main vessel to fly out and start attacking… the bottom like is i wanna put as much action in my scene as i can, cause now my primary idea is to make my scene really alive…

btw i got plans for more after the challange ends… what do you say abt an action sequence of a huge space battle… you all r welcome to participate in it… heres the idea:
who ever is interested makes a short animated scene of anything like bullets fireing, ships exploding, mothership flying by, angry civiliens attacking and so on… and finally those shots will b all combined to make a huge INTERGALACTIC warfare… i think it would b really cool and will definitly make its own huge GRAND SPACE OPERA… tell me your thoughts guy… :wip:


ooo re5pect! good workin out there, you are making whole ships while im making tiny little creatures :applause:
by the way… your avatar making me :bounce: -> bounce, bounce, bounce… :slight_smile:


Wow! :scream: Love the variety of ships - that SOB in particular! Great work (and your avatar does rock… hypnotically :wink: )