Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Zubuyer Kaolin


i can only agree with this statement!
great work and keep it up! :thumbsup:
cheers… :beer:


Oh boy …Oh boy this models are so cool i love them :bounce:

Ships are clean and great detailed Great job great job can’t wait to see whats next


:eek: Looks at your models, gets up and walks away from the challenge That’s some great stuff you got going there. I can’t even pretend to have any crits. It’s great! Can’t wait until the finished product. :thumbsup:


“well thanx to all of u for posting ur kind replies… i’m currently working on another alien ship (the blood suckers) and i’ll post concepts and models by tomorrow… thanx again”

You liar :slight_smile:
Great job friend… just great!


hey sorry for the delay guys… heres the concept drawing for the alien assault vessel… aka Blood Sucker


and heres the wip for the blood sucker model… crits please…


that you all for ur replies…
hey claudio_jordao sorry man… i’ve been busy thats y i culdnt work nor update… thanx for ur comment though…know what i donno how on earth am i gonna finish this project in time… there’s still soo much to do and soo much to model… and when ever i think of textureing, i freak… man i need a miracle right now… over that i’m having tough time figureing out the design of the main models dock… and damn i still need to design and model the defence ships… o my gOOd!!


Based on how much work you’ve gotten done with it so far, I’m sure you’ll get it done. Everything’s looking great. Only thing I see about the newest one is that the sketch seems a lot meaner looking than the model does so far. And yet I would still not want to be anywhere near that thing when it came through. Anyway, keep it up! Good work. :thumbsup:


Hey OverContrast :slight_smile:

That concept looks cool. I’m guessing it clamps down with those little leg thingies at the bottom and then ‘injects’ the aliens into the other ship using those fang type things?

Anyhoo. Those guns of yours inspired me enough to finally create my big bad fusion cannon, which I just uploaded to my entry. Hope you like. I think it’s about the same size as your main cannon, and has a rate of fire of 3rps.

Not much but it packs enough punch to make holes through our moon :twisted:
Hope you don’t mind me using the same idea for the base :stuck_out_tongue:
Hope you have fun with your texturing. I know I sure am :arteest: :shrug: :sad: :cry:


Man…i really dig this vessel…whoa…baby …this is one ship …weee…work on it …the front part is super don’t touch this please…give it squared(cornered ) turbines…not round or smoothed… :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


i really enjoy your modeling and rendering! clean looking! what software do u use?
max and brazil or vray?


MattGyver: i hope so buddy…thanx for the comment

SibSpi: yeah the idea is to grab hold the enemy ship with the legs and over heating its hull to make a hole so the aliens can invade inside…

DimitrisLiatsos: thanx man… i’ll keep ur suggestion in mind… dude ur a total inspiration for me…

monsitj: thanx for dropping by buddy…

heres my Software and Hardware configuration:

[b]Software: 3DSmax 6, Photoshop [i use the default scanline renderer. and no GI]

Hardware: P4-2.8ghz, 512mb RAM, 128mb ATI 9200…[/b] thats abt it


Seeing your previous models, I can imagine how this one will look in the end… and I must say that it’s great:thumbsup:


WOW! Nice Sucker!:thumbsup:
Knowing that you bring to life each concept with a spectacular detail and precision and looking at this “Sucker” all I can do is wait for the final model (I know it’s coming shortly you see!!) Agree with Dim on the rectangular turbines think!


Nice start on the Bloodsucker Zubuyer…I like the concept,it has a nice look,a nice design,shape,well done,and the WIp is a nice start on it.Fine job,keep at it strong,your efforts are paying off real well…:arteest:


Clean modeling and nice shapes ! Excellent beginning !

Now for the crits : :wise:

Mmmmh…nothing really annoying. Maybe the pipes are strange in the middle of those well designed lines. And as said by Dr Liatsos I would choose squared thrusters…

Good luck !



Yet another very cool ship design, you are doing a excellent job here.
My GSO entry


thank u all for ur comments guys… i appriciate it…

Deadly Force: thanx for the crit… i think i’ll get rid of the pipes for a while…

curently i’m having some shortage of inspiration and referances thats why my works are slowed down… i hope i’ll catch up and thanx for all ur support and feedbacks… i’ll post some update rite now…


Here is an update on the Blood Sucker ship. I spent more time on looking at it and thinking then modeling it. anyways please blow me away with ur hard crits and comments…


Here is a color visualization for the background. I’m still thinking and experimenting with it, thought i would share it with u…tell me what u think…

btw, I’m thinking of making my scene in landscape view then portrait view…