Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Zubuyer Kaolin


nice work there! so many weapons, i like it :slight_smile:
keep it coming :slight_smile:


Yo man ! keep up the super modeling ! Doing great ! I’m still waiting to see the big blood sucker in action ! I love your models ! good continuing !:thumbsup:


THAT’s better :slight_smile:

I was just thinking 'fore I saw the new picture “Although, he might eventually make them rotate as well…” :slight_smile:
Now I have but one complaint. How in the hell am I supposed to compete with that!? My little snowblasters only fire off one round every second or so, and, well, yeah! Now I have to make some kind of bigger, badder, more lethal than yours fusion cannon to sit on the planet :confused:

Luvin’ it so far, can’t wait to see them all mounted. Those things make our battleships todar look like plastic toys for playing with in a bathtub :stuck_out_tongue:


Love the new guns dude…you are a very string modeler, and are building in an excelent concept here…can’t wait to see it all come together…


Holy Shi*** That guns are amazing!!! and the ships too, looks very good.
I really like your style, dude this entire entry rocks!!:buttrock:


3D-ima Green: thanx

scootermaya: thank u very much. I’ll start modleing the Blood Sucker real soon. But the thing is i think of soemthing to model and end up modleing something else… LOL But i’m really glad that u like my works

SibSpi: orite great!.. seems like the fun will turely begin after the challenge ends… cause were having a huge war with our big weapons ay?..

essencedesign: thank you

plaguelord: thanx man, like u really charged me up… thanx soo much for ur support and encouragement…

Okay guys, i thought i would start modeling the main vessel today, but end up skatching a concept for a cargo ship and also modeled it… that i’m gonna post rite now…


here is the concept skatch for the cargo ship.


And here is the model of the cargo vessel. Its equipped with 3 SET pods and 4 Class3 Shooters. Its used to carry heavy pay loads and humans from planet to planet.


hi I really like your design for the penetraters ! they suck ! can’t wait to see all of them textured and lighted.

good luck.


Hi overcontrast,

Love your modelling. Very clean lines and each is very tru to the model. Great variation too. Well done and keep it up.




great attention to the detail. great work - cant wait to see textures


I like a lot your work! Very solid man! :thumbsup:
Also like your workflow : here is the concept and BOOM here is the model! :bounce:

The Cargo Ship looks great man (might I say better than the concept?)




“And in the final battle between Overcontrast and SibSpi, the Kaolin force advanced down onto Yukida to sortie with the Lubbe force for the last, and most devastating battle in the history of GSO. As long as this story could go on, let’s just say - the Lubbe forces are screwed.”

Wow… uhm… wow… What are your specs on your computer? Adding merely the fins to my ships made the viewport framerates drop like a stone! And it looks like that cargo ship of yours has much much more complexity than 180 little boxes! :o

SibSpi goes back to his desk and tries to come up with some killer concepts. Killer being the active word.


Maël: thanx man…

jamacsween: thank you for ur appriciation

Marcin K: thanx, i’ll start textureing soon … i guess, cause i really suck at textureing

terraarc: LOL thanx man… yeah the concept sucks… its just an outline for the model… and that cargo ship is gonna b far away… so its okay i guess

SibSpi: yeah man!.. u said it… its gonna b one huge Post GSO war!!.. cant wait for that… les talk to the moderator abt this… caus eit can b more fun then GSO it sel!!.. wad do u say?.. okay heres a threa i opened to know ppl’s hardware config… check it out CLICK HERE

well thanx to all of u for posting ur kind replies… i’m currently working on another alien ship (the blood suckers) and i’ll post concepts and models by tomorrow… thanx again


Hi overcontrast

Yet another great concept gone gold! Great modelling as well… we’re kind of getting used to it by now :thumbsup: . When are we going to see some textures?

Keep it up mate!


ohh my god jejejjeje nice model :thumbsup:,good work man :bounce:


Your cargo vessel model is another great design, although I think (my personal taste) I would like to see a little bit more of a slope to the nose or front of the ship. This is going to look great with textures on it.
Its looking good ,keep on pluggin away.

My GSO entry


cool! great desing ad nice modeling!!
i really like your modeling…is very clean man!!..and for the ship …i reall love the concept…very well done!


Great models especialy ships. Great details.


Awesome concepts, terrific execution! Even without textures the models already look incredible. Can’t wait to see the final image.