Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Zubuyer Kaolin


Bravo! Yet another solid design and clean modelling job… very coherent look! Keep up the good stuff… can´t wait to see it all come together :thumbsup:


So!!!.. you’ve made another TOY ahm!? Ahahah!
Well, I must say that this one, seems like no toy! That’s a fact.
Very good work overcontrast.



Thanks for the comment on my post OverContrast :slight_smile: I actually just now stumbled onto yours :slight_smile:

I have but one crit on your gun (not that I’m allowed since mine doesn’t exist yet) The two smaller guns you’ve mounted above the main one. They make it seem a little. Well… silly. If you think about how it would work. Why have a large gun which looks like it’d blow a hole through planets firing at a ship, then followed up by two smaller guns which seem to be there to swat flies?

I don’t mean to seem rude with it, but for smaller guns you’d usually give them their own firing platform. Since they’re smaller and lighter, they tend to be meant as supressing fire or say to take out missiles/torpedos or the like.

Oh yeah, for the ships. When this compo is finished we should have a battle between our ships on and over Yukida (my concept’s planet name) for fun :slight_smile:


That last big gun is very nice, the starfield is also very nice . Looking forward to all the elements coming together, its all looking superb.

My GSO entry


the big gun looks awesome~
it would be cool animated too~
keep up the good work~


OKay here is a tweaked version of the gun.


Eagle_e7: thanx for ur comment

Rui_Padinha: thank u very much

claudio_jordao: WHAT DO U MEAN BY THAT… dont u have anything else but insulting me? so ur now saying my previous models r TOYS!!! :argh: hahah gotcah again!!.. kiddin bro… by the way thank u soo much for ur comemnts!!

SibSpi: thank you soo much… ur perfectly right and thanx for pointing it to me… well u c the smaller guns are just from fireing blind… its not target controlled like the main gun… its just there to be more lethel… no i also made it rotatable to it can swing and fire like mad… well hope u like it now

mmoir:thanx, glad that u liked it

young_927: thanx man

thank you all once again for ur feed back…
okay, so now i’ll call it a wrap for the gun and make some new stuff … the last render is a bit defected but its fixed now.


Here is smaller Gun system… used to fite in a scattering manner…[like creazy i mean]


nice job
put some screw to look like mor mechanical:bounce:


The system gun is great , really like the designs . You have a nice model skills with a nice progress. Keep the good work Overcontrast

#91 Thanx for the suggestion mate…i thught of that right after i posted the image… so i’ll post another update of that gun with screwes tomorrow… its been a while i got any sleep :smiley: so m off to bed…

adr: thanx you


that’s some cool guns you got, i think you designs are great and the detail is good too. I didn’t see you animation (slow net connection) but it looks like it’ll shoot pretty well :thumbsup:


Hey!!! Don’t you point those “things” to us man… they might, accidentally, fire some flags with a “BANG” written on… or something! Eheheh!
Keep rockin mate!



Thx for the kind words in my entry.

Your models is very detailed, I like that a lot. Also great concept.
Looking forward to see your models textured…

keep on your hard work!


Amazing Equipement to smash some butts my friend!


heya!..i just wanted to say that youre doing a great work on those models…the design and detail make the guns looks really awesome…when i see your work i see a very precise and clean modeling…

ok man just wanted to say that…:wavey:


Your moving along at a nice brisk pace Z…Some clean modeling as our friend rattle m,entioned,and you can see the effort and passion in your work…it shows…Keep it going strong…Looking real good…:arteest:


Hey, thanks for your post on my GSO thread. I wasn’t sure about my ideia, and you were one of the people who gave the confidence push I needed :slight_smile:

You have here some cool-looking concepts, and I love the detail work on both your ships and guns! I’m sure you’ll inspire me, as I am still a bit clueless on how to detail my ships and rings…
I’m looking forward to seeing the war hell you mention in your story depicted here.


hhssuu: hey thanx mate

claudio_jordao: hahah dont worry buddy i wont… :stuck_out_tongue:

Kragh: thanx pal, i appriciate that

Climax: thanx man, i just hope i can finish all in tym

rattlesnake: thank you so much for ur words and glad that u liked my works

Virtuoso: thank you very much for ur reply

Manoo77: i think your gonna b just fine… thanx for dropping by and wish u the best again…

thank you all for posting ur kind replies and support… i just finished modeling another gun… i’ll post it right now


Here is a model of smaller class 3 shooters. Its fast and easily targetable. Its tergeting system is controlled by 4 hydrolics on the bottom of the gun.