Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Zubuyer Kaolin


Here is a WIP of the star background. The original file dimension is 3500x4000. I pretty much had to draw each stars. Right now its a bit over saturated to show the stars and cloud more clearly but, in the final image it will be much dimmer and less saturated because, i dont want the viewer get distracted by the stars which is not my focal point.


hhssuu: thanx so much for ur comment

Virtuoso: its an honor for me get a comment like that from u. thanx a lot, ur a inspiration for me.

Claireabella: I totally agree with u… thanx for the comment


Nice starfield - but I think the spacing of the bright stars is a little too regular - in nature they tend to clump together a little more. Did you use any special techniques for drawing it? - I’ve got a galaxy to draw soon, and I’ve been holding off.

Nice clean spaceships btw!


hi Zubuyer…
did you change your avatar?
well… very nice starfield! very nice… i like it much… and great background for nebula…
sure it doesn’t look so crisp in compressed .jpg… so original should look even better…
great job mate!! :thumbsup:
keep it up and cheers…


Teapot-7: Thanx for the suggestion man, i’ll fix it in the final run… m not using much of a special technique. its all just brush menipulation and painstaking star drawing. Wen u start doing ur starfield let me know, we might share both of our knowladge to make both of our work better…

greentek:thanx for the support man. yes teh jpg compressor really took a lot off detail out of the starfield image but its okay in the original one.

thank you both again for ur appriciation and support

I just finished modleign the Big Gun for the mother ship… i’ll post it right away… :slight_smile:


Here is the gun that will guard the dock of the Mother ship. These are very heavy and powerful guns. Used to shoot out amemy attackers. It can fire more then 3000 rounds of bullets per minutes using its 3 pair of different size barrels.


your modeling is superb ! and rendering too! what’s your renderer? brazil?
can’t comment any modeling , but my suggestion is beware your star field , don’t make it too much , it will distract your audience , and i’m sure that your space station will look awesome , great work man,


Wow! I wish I could model like that and you seem to be moving quite fast. Thanks for the little tips on how you did it. That ROCKS!! Good luck!


Thats one nice big bad gun, do you use meshsmooth on the entire model? Or you just smooth the cylinder? Btw here’s a good starfield tutorial by Greg Martin:

Hope it helps! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi! You have great modeling and rendering here :slight_smile:

I have just to say that you can inprove you starfield look. Here is a link to few starfield tutorials made by Greg Martin:
I learned a lot form his pages.

Good luck to you :slight_smile:


very very good modelling… very solid, nothing to crit…

keep it up…


Man you’re running! :bounce:
Really great and solid models! I was amazed watching you posting the concept and then right after the finished model. I like a lot the fact that you have so pretty clear what’s in your head!

Keep it up! :thumbsup:


Very nice work indeed. If this were just about ship modeling I think you would have a much smaller playing field and you would be one of the best contenders! :slight_smile:


monsitj: thanx for the comment buddy… please see what i wrote inder my starfield post. I said there that its some a lot oversaturated and brignt to show the stars more clearly… final image will b more dimmer. thanx again for ur nice comment

sicksurfer: thanx for ur comment man

tzktime: Thanx for the tutorial link man, its great. and no i didnt used any mah smooth in my model. On the countrary i dont really like using it unless i really need to. I smooth out my models mostly using the chamfer tool. its very handy. And the gun barrel is also not mash smoothed.

Nomad: De-ja-vo?.. both ppl with the same comment, thanx for it though. And yes i’ll re-paint the starfield soon. I dont like it ether. thanx again for ur kind words

Versiden: thanx for ur appriciation.

terraarc: Thanx man, finishing up what ihave in hand will hopefully put me out of trouble in the future, thats y i wanna finish up my models right after i skatche out my concepts… thanx so much again

||) |V| |^|: thanx dude, thas a great complement… i appriciate that…

once again thanx to all who posted here to support my works… i can never do it without you guys and ur feedbacks…


Nice work ! I like the design of your ships !

I’m enjoying to see that textured !

Good luck


Here is a wire view of the Gun. I didnt used any mash smooth, i just curved it out of simple polygon boxes.

here is a little animation i did to test the gun models functionality…check it out if u like…
[u need DivX codec to run it]

Download Gun Animation


:eek: That piranha is AWESOME . :applause:

congrats , no crits .


Great Gun .We call this gun in farsi (tir bar):applause:
Add more detail…


Here is the Gun with more detail added… hope u like it…


Superb design and modeling, I can’t find anything to critique. :slight_smile:

Keep it up!