Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Zubuyer Kaolin


The earlier model looks nice, and the penetrator reminds me of the matrix digging machine :slight_smile: It looks very menacing! Is there going to be laser beam cutting open the hull?


no, there aint gonna b any laser cutting throught ship hulls but i’ll tell you what the Panetrater does. It grabs a part of the hull, super heats it up and tears it apart to form a hole in it, and then it gets into the ship hull and explodes. Its the most sexy weapon bad ass aliens ever had :stuck_out_tongue:



Your models are really looking good, keep up the good work. I would dirty the textures up a bit, which you are probably going to do. Just thought I would mention it.

My GSO entry


Hi there! your Piranha ship is one of my favourite among all I have seen on this challange:thumbsup: I can’t wait to see it textured!
Keep rollin’ and let polygons be with you:bounce:


• Your concept looks very interesting! Looking forward to its climax


mmoir: thanx buddy. yes i was thinking the same thing

arturro: thanx for the appriciation pal… i’m very glad that u liked my works

Climax: thank you


hey man ! you’ve got some cool things rolling here !
Super great ideas an Super great modeling !
I will follow this very close now!
Nice work !


Great modeling!!!:thumbsup:


really clean modelling…!



Hello overcontrast, I like very much your “toys” :thumbsup:

Keep the good work.


Yeah the penetraters have a some “matrix” flavour, but its okay, (Matrix has a “ghost in the shell” flavor, and no one cares).

I like the general look, the models are great, i think that it has some risk of looking like “just another ship in space”. But let’s see how it grows and evolves.

Let me get more involved in your work to post something really useful
(with “congratulations!” only no one can improve his work…)

Thanks for your posting! Good luck for you too, and good work


cool models great ships i like them all
can’t wait to see more of this:bounce:


I am really impressed with your space craft modeling, very intricate and realistic.


Wow! I just followed your link from my thread… great work!

I really like the concept design of your vessels, really fun and clean…
The modelling also looks preety solid, keep it up, can’t wait to see more :thumbsup:



I really like your concepts arts and the models… are very cool and modern…

i need to see more to criticise you :smiley:


Nice ship man, and i like the function too. I would like to see it in action opening space ships and invading them. That’s so cool men.
nice job in the other ships by the way.
Good luck!


wow, thanx for all the nice comments guys… i feel really appriciated

scootermaya: thanx man

Alladin: thanx, i’m still learning

jddog: thanx buddy, guess its the lighting lol… by the way till now I DIDNT USED ANY GI

claudio_jordao: TOY?!! i’m tring to make killer machines and it seems to u as toys?!! Im deeply insulted… gotcha… ay just kiddin man… thanx for the comments… and btw i really enjoy playing with my toys:D

LORDvesalius: i didnt get some parts of what u said, but anyways thanx so much for dropping by and thanx for ur kind words

Lelantos: thanx pal, i’ll b posting some new works really soon

linvon: thank u, i try to make my machines that looks it can work

Rui_Padinha: thanx man

radu3: and wen i will, i’ll b waitng for ur comments, thanx for dropping by bddy

Canche: thanx for ur appriciation man… good luck to u too

thanx all for giving ur kind words to me and u all have been really inspireing… i thanx u all again for that…


wow you seem to be modelling with some effective techniques. Your designs are looking good too, i particularly like the sob thing, it’s cool. The squid looks cool too, and your modelling speed isn’t slow :slight_smile:


Some fine modeling here Zubuyer…I like the scope and range of them…The scene too carries some nice scale with these models in them,a nice variety…Your working hard,and it’s paying off,keep this up and you will have some work to be proud of for sure…:arteest:


Wow, that’s some really great modeling you are doing. Very impressive. I guess it’s challenges like this that really push us to do our very best and learn new tricks. Keep seeing things to inspire and motivate me to keep going and learn, learn, learn!!! Will keep watching. :bounce: Claireabella