Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Zubuyer Kaolin


:bounce:HAPPY NEW YEAR!!:bounce:

Best of wishes!!


Fab work! Good luck. :thumbsup: Claireabella


The model is fantastic. Good work. i`m waitning for the textures.


Just wanted to say that it really is a shame you didn’t get to finish…but I understand…I just hope may family will take me back after these 3 months of cyber solitude… :cry:


Zubuyer…It’s been nice meeting you here…I am sorry that you could not quite get this done…It was “Is” a very nice piece of work…I would suggest that you complete it in the WIP section…It deserves it,and I would like to follow your progress there,I think in-between your other work you could get this done as you dreamed …All the best,and let me know when you will get this into the WIP section…take care for now…:arteest: :beer:


yeah it is really a pitty because u havent finished this work…


thank you soo much for ur great support… yes its a real shame for me theat i didnt got to finish it… but i think i wont let my dream down. I really wanted to finish this one, but guess things dont always turns out the way one wants.
Anyways i got another concept in my head. I’ll be using the space crafts i modeled for this GSO so u’ll still find a piece of it. I’m estimating that i’ll b able to finish that within next month so wish me luck… by the way u guys r doing an amazing job here with the GSO, i’m very proud of u all, and i feel very blessed that i gotta meet so many cool people here… thank you all for ur great support again and WISH ALL OF U BEST OF LUCK… MAY THE FORCE OF CG BE WITH U!!.. say amen :thumbsup: :wink:


Way to go. It’s a shame you didn’t finish it but I am glad to know you have another concept in mind for those ships :deal:

I look forward to see that new work :buttrock:



Thats too bad you wont be able to finish , that “bloodsucker” ship is very cool , I am sure your image would have been awesome. Look forward to what you do with the models.


I was wishing you were here at the finish line with us… :frowning:


Dam overcontrast! Shame on you :slight_smile: I liked so much your Toys!
Well, I guess you must have your reasons… hope to see you next time.


ican take half on that shame hehehh…better have valid reason for this Zubuyer.:smiley:


oh man…well its been really nice to see your work…youre a very talented artist and really hope to see you in the next one…and of course i want to see your work finished…ok good lucj to you and cya soon! :thumbsup:


I really love your modelling style. So much detail!


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