Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Zubuyer Kaolin


Looking very good. I think I agree with them on putting on some decals, perhaps some more rust coloration or dirtiness. I also agree with a bit of bump. Otherwise I think its coming out nicely. Perhaps you might want to add some lights or a light onto the craft somewhere. Keep it up!


Nice start mate! Colors work fine to me. :thumbsup:
Agree on the rust and decals suggestions. Some more metalic saturation would work ok me thinks… I would suggest some fight scars too…They usually are black…

Waiting for more textures on this “Sucka”…:bounce:


Man That ships gets better and better cant crit anything you are doing great job here:thumbsup: i like very much that color but i agree twith rest about noise and bump the ship
great work:buttrock:


hey thanx u all for ur great feedbacks… yeah wannet to put some lights in too… it’ll increase the level of detail and i’ll put some decales too… thanx for the suggestions… i’ll post an update very soon


The texture looks very nice on this ship , I do think some color would help out . Maybe all it needs is ship Id markings to do this I don’t know.
Great job here.:thumbsup:


excelent model and texturing!! i agree with the others and adding some dirt it could be good. keep the good work!!:thumbsup:


nice textures mate! :slight_smile:


overcontrast you have some amaizing modeling and texturing skills please use them and make an oustanding final image I will wait your finish CIao. and Good Luck :thumbsup:


looking cool so far… every1 else has already made the suggestions that I was going to contribute… so I’ve got nothing more to say

keep going dude


very nice modelling. i really like your style and iam a fan of your spaceships…
please more of this stuff

maybe we could let our ships fight each other after the comp :applause:


boy… i love finding new threads i havent seen befor… except ones like yours lol… i am starting to feel out modeled and out textured ; ) great job with your stuff so far…


Hello overcontrast, your bloodsucker looks f…ing amazing man. Have your tried to tint it in dark-red, I think that it would be more scary.
Great job mate.


I second that - the bloodsucker looks really cool, great progress - I want to see more!


bad-ass modeling mate on the bad-ass alien ships !
it’s looking great ! its nice to see so many talented 3d-artists in this contest !

Good luck and have fun !


Awesome ship. I need more texturing!
My 3d entry


Just dropping by to see if there were any new updates… :frowning: More please! :stuck_out_tongue:


Just checkin in for wishes on MERRY CHRISTMAS…:applause:

Best wishes mate!



thank you soo much for all ur replies guys, i’m really great ful to u… i wud love to post some more updates, but cant find much tym to work on this GSO, and as the deadline is getting closer and closer, its ovious that i can never finish it… but i’m not giving it up… i hope to finish it anyways. So i’ll post any significant updates whenever i have soemthing to show… :wip: thanx again… :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy New Year!


Happy new year, Zubuyer. All the best wishes to u :beer::beer::beer: