Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Zubuyer Kaolin


Heres one for the un-wrapping, :beer: and another for the next 15%…:beer:

…Doing a really nice job here Zubuyer,I applauad the determined effort,and the execution,looking really nice,you got yourself a very nice Opera in the works here…Keep worrking hard,it’s really paying off quite well…:thumbsup: :arteest:


||) |V| |^|: yeah man u got that rite… i get soo bored doing it… but u gotta do what u gotta do… thanx for the comment though

markovicd.: orite

Versiden: hey thanx for the suggestion man, i’ll look into it while finishing it up…

Virtuoso: yeah man, i gotta work really hard to pull it off, or else there wont be any paing off for me anywhere, LOL…


Hello there overcontrast! :slight_smile:

UVMapping at 85% means one thing…

:bounce: :bounce:


PS:That’s the only thing that keeps me going when unwrapping!!


Hey Overcontrast,
Now the fun part begins, at least I like painting the texture maps much more than the uvmapping part. Looking forword to some textures.


come on! I can’t wait to see the texture, not the black and white squares! :bounce: please, show me one of my favourite ships painted:twisted:


Man you did a real good job with the unwrapping, that couldn’t have been easy. Hope to see the textures soon!



I’m struggleing to get some free tym out of my scadule to work on GSO, but here u go guys, a little update on the textureing the BS… please i need some drit… cause with all these presure, i guess i lost the ability to think right… so help me out guys…


Looking good man… But yes, more dirt is needed. more rust and some marks after battles… I think that some bump plating would be a good idea, it would make it visualy bigger.


thanx for that mate… i didnt added any bumps there…i’m working on that now… and okay i’ll put more rusts on it…, can some1 tell me about the color of the ship… i mean is it okay?..


color is ok, but I would give to it more different saturation levels of this color. So that it has some different colors, but still in one predomimanntly color… And make some single parts like guns, etc. silver/grey/dark. In my imagination it would look good:thumbsup:


Up to now what i see is great…if u put in general some black noise on ship to make it look a bit used i thing u are ok…unless to want more on it!..Great ship :slight_smile:


thanx for the suggestions ppl… i’ll keep these in my mind…


Maybe some decals and random numbers or markings would give a more belelivable look… :shrug:


I like this ship. I think its one of the best designs ive seen! :thumbsup: Might try putting some small lights up in some of the more detailed areas, to give some depth. Also, i would make the windows darker…almost pitch black, and maybe make some of the pipes darker and worn. Adding small bits of color in places will really give it a kick and make it less uniform.
Keep it up!


essencedesign: thanx for the suggestion mate…

otacon:: hey thanx for the tips mate… those were really helpful…


I second this one. That would make it look like it has already been in service before. Right now it looks more like “just bought from the interplanetary factory” :buttrock:


How did you model the hoses? Just do an extrune and then manip or what?

I love the ship it looks fantastic.


hey ppl this ship is an alien ship so i plan to label this one with weird characters or hyrogliphs or something… and the name bloodsucker is actually given by the humans…

Hammerch: i selected alternative polygons and extruded using local normal… its that simple…


sounds like a very nice idea


very impressive work man! speechless:drool::arteest: