Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Zubuyer Kaolin


Now this ship looks absolutely great, with the windows & weapons added we can see now the scale. Great work :thumbsup:

Quit your new job and keep posting updates :smiley:


excellent design on the bloodsucker… very cool looking… keep it up!


hey thank u all very much for ur kind words…


You’re models are very well thought out in terms of overall design and details. I especially like how you made the bloodsucker, looks very cool and it’s clear that it’s name is appropriate. Aside from that, I’m afraid I can’t say much else that would be considered constructive! :buttrock:


Hi there!

Wow, amazing job on those details! I am really loving your ship designs… classical look with just the right dose of irreverense and agressiveness… great stuff!!!

Also, I find that it’s not easy to do really consistent work on vessel details without blowing the scale issue, but again, you’ve handled this extremely well! Bravo!

Now when do we get to see some texturing, eh?:bounce:

Cheers mate!:thumbsup:


This is one of the best spaceships i have seen in a while… and even though i hate spaceships the detail in this one is remarkable… no comments dude


thank you all for ur kind replies… for ur information i’m having hard time to find some free times LOL… but i guess i’ll use every second of my free time to give shape to my GSO… thank u for ur support cause with out u i might never want to finish this project… well guys i’ve finished modeling the BS (thought i always wanna put more stuff in it) but now the time is against me so i have to move on to the next model, which is the Mothership… i’ll post the final update of the BloodSucker now and hopefully we can c the first step toward the modleing to the Mothership…


Here is the final model of the Bloodsucker ship with size comparison to the SOB… comments and critiqs are very welcome


It’s about time to start textures:twisted: this model is awsome! And for me it was like that a nice few days before:bounce:

I’m waiting for some textures, good luck


• Good work Zubuyer, I personaly like untextured models, so we we can see the greatness of the modeling, sometimes texturing takes away some details and i think they shoul complement each other ( also scenes comes unhandable and proxies are nessesary)

• Keep Cooling the place pal!


Like that ship(Bloodsucker) alot. I saw others talking about size, well, I see no problems there. Actually, when I saw the thump, which drew me here, I thought it was size Airbus. I now see the windows and so, and would say about 30-40 meters. Hope I´m close.

I like your level of details so much, specially because they look usefull. I mean, some just add details in a random matter(I´m one of those actually…:)), but yours looks “thought-thru”.



arturro: okay okay, i’m textureing! i’m textureing!.. lol, well i started textureing the BS and SOB insted working on the mothership…

Climax: thanx a lot for ur comment man, well i want my piece to look workable, so guess i did thought most of it out…

Kragh: hey ur rite man, ur guess of scale is pretty much close to what i have in mind… the ship is abt 32m long… so ur dead close :D… btw thanx for commenting


i Lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve details:twisted::twisted::twisted:


Hi Zubuyer!
Ho ho ho, look what the Santa dropt :scream: Wow, that BloodSucker looks awesome man, just ;pve the holders on the bottom, all the wires and guns, i mean whoah, extreme level of details here :thumbsup: Jus dunno how You gonna texture the ship? Its a big job to unwrap that kinda thing…


thanx man… well yeah its kinda hard to unwrap tis kind of mesh and i find UV maping really a challange but i’m almost 85% done with it… now all is left is some finishing up and painting the textures…


Oh yes oh yes cant wait cant wait neeeed to seee those textures thats so awesome spaceship and when i think that is without textures :twisted: i go crazy need updates:bounce:


Here is the first update on textureing the Bloodsucker… I finished unwraping the main parts of the ship… more comming soon…


I know that view… lol. my least favorite part of texture -mapping, the UVW’s :wink: good job, I love the design of the bloodsucker. Your art constantly overshadows others work and provides a heavy contrast in skill. Keep at it!


85 % finished ? nice! :thumbsup:


the checker map looks good… you might get sliiiiight stretching the front side there, the area where the checker appears to become rectangles…but it’s only minor and I don’t see any serious problems.

keep it going… I hate unwrapping also, it’s the least artistic stage in the workflow…