Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Zubuyer Kaolin


Hello overcontrast. Dam you’re good!!!

About the size… I heard that the size doesn’t matter :slight_smile: but if you really want to know, I’ll give it 12 inches or so… not bad for a toy ahm?
Now seriously, I can easy imagine it with more or less 9 meters long… I guess.

Great work my friend.


hi overcontrast tremendous, nice and clean model i like very very very very much :beer:.



Amazing models! This is going to be great … my guess for the size of the ship would be 3-4 meters. How big is it supposed to be?

Your avatar is the funniest christmas avatar around so far :applause:


Rui_Padinha: thanx for ur comment dude

Lelantos: you people are right about something, the shiip is designed for 2 people, but i wanna make it look a bit bigger… thanx for ur reply man

Nomad: you are right, i need to add soem scale referance… thanx for the suggestion…

rattlesnake: thanx man…LOL

Kaksht: thanx for ur feedback man… yeah its something like that

terraarc: thanx for the suggeestion man… i’ll look into it… u ppl r just aweosme!!

lentil man: thanx man… ooaaa a Phaser is too small!!.. and a phaser is like smaller then my Aveter’s Wiggler…heheheh LOL

Deadly Force: thanx for dropping by man

claudio_jordao: hmm 9 meters is close to fare enough… but i’ll work on it to make it a bit bigger :smiley:

shotta: Thanx man

Gunilla: thanx buddy… i’m greatly appriciated…

INFO UPDATE: okay thanx to all of u guys for ur very supportive kind replies… now, i’m really sorry about the delay of my works, actually i joined a job and having hard tym to get some free tym… so i’ll b working whenever i get time and keep updateing…
thanx again…

btw my i named my aveter character Jhon Wiggly and seems like he is getting populer;)


considering that this one is supposed to be able to “grab smaller ships” I’d say that it’s a little longer than 4 meters… unless you are referring to “fighters” ¬______¬

maybe like 2 or 3 times as big as the millenium falcon :smiley:


Awsome model mate, I’ve been watching this one for a while now. Theres just one thing, it kinda looks “small” almost like I expect out hero to climb abord and zip off into the distance al la thoes sppede bikes in starwars. Just my 2p worth :slight_smile:


Nice ship design. It would be cool if there was a glass windshield on it.


Really nice modelling on your bloossucker !


yes, great ships! I can’t wait to se them all textured… have you done some tests with all of composition with these ships? how the “act” together?

good job!


thanx for ur replies guys

nemirc: thanx for that man…

cyphyr: thanx for the thought dude…

Rook: thanx rook, wish granted… i added a wind/space-dust shild to my BS

jddog: thanx mate

graga: yeah i’ll texture it right away after i finish modeling it…


Heres an update on the Bloodsucker Ship… Added the grabbers and a wind/space-dust shild… its almost 90% done… i’ll call it done after some minor adjustments… C&C please


nice update! it looks more like predator now! For me it looks perfect, no ideas to improve it, but there is no need to do so:thumbsup:

I’m waiting for the next updates:drool:


YES! Now there’s something I’d love to see in action. Who needs energy based tractor beams when you have big-ass claws? Huh? Nobody! That’s who! Great work. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


my friend this ship reminds me of a bug! :slight_smile: and it is awsome!


With that grabbers and the details in front you gave to the ship more volume now looks biger than before good job really great ship:thumbsup:


No crits ! that ship is really great-looking !


I really like the design of your ships. They have a little thing that feels like insects but just subtil enough that it isn’t becoming too caricaturist. Can’t wait to see them in action!!:slight_smile:


arturro: thanx for the nice comment man…

MattGyver: LOL ur rite buddy, who needs those unreal traktor beams;)…

markovicd.: thanx man… it does looks more or less like an insect :smiley:

Lelantos: thax buddy…

Deadly Force: thank u

Kraull: thanx for the comment man… i dont really mind compareing it with an insect, i was actually inspired by the crab and the shark to design this ship, guess that combination gave it a nasty insect look… guess thats good news for me;)

thank you all again for ur kind reply


Dude I really like your ships…your modeling is very strong…can’t wait to see this all come together…no crits from me either…


Wow, that’s a very impressive war machine. I’d like to have it in one of my PC games :smiley: