Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Zubuyer Kaolin


Zubuyer Kaolin has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Texturing: Textureing the Bloodsucker

I’m struggleing to get some free tym out of my scadule to work on GSO, but here u go guys, a little update on the textureing the BS… please i need some drit… cause with all these presure, i guess i lost the ability to think right… so help me out guys…


Hey guys, good to b back… dont get me wrong, but my previous ID (3doid) was destroyed… so i had to open a new ID and enter the challange again… i hope its okay… i thought if i miss this gr8 opertunity to learn soo much, i would really miss a lot in my life…

NOw… i think i’ll change my original concept a little bit and start posting again…


Hey People, after loosing my previous ID (3Doid) i lost all my previously submitted WIPs. i didnt wanted to join GSO again because of the ID problem. But thought it would b a great miss of a great oppertunity to learn. So i did this new concept drawing today. Its pretty much like my previous one, but i focused on the main ship/station and kept it cleen. In the main scene it would b a lot more messy and action packed.


Here is the drone… i didnt worked on it since last 2/3 weeks. But i’ll start workin on all the models really soon.


Here is the alien’s bad ass assault craft.


here is the concept behind the Small Emergency Transport (SET) shuttle


Emergency Transport (SET) shuttle Model
This shuttle is maily used as escape craft or emergency transport


here is the story (again)…

It’s the year 2621 mankind have advanced a great deal that they expand their boundaries to far space, controlling many planets of many solar systems. This revolution happened in the year 2430. That was the time when man conflated other civilization both with force and peaceful discussions. The first 3 century the fleet gained peace and prosperity but in the darkness conspiracies where taking place. In the year 2506, a group of extremist and power hungry people lead by earth’s former hero Zenix Lon betrayed earth and assembled an army of savage creatures from many planets within the fleet to fight for power. His goal was to gain leadership of the entire fleet, but to gain support from others he promised free leadership to each leader of their planet. But this also was the part of the huge conspiracy. Thus the great war begun. Meanwhile earth seeks alliance within its neighboring planets and assembled their own powerful fleet. This war has now reached its 15th year, but there seems no stop for this chaos.

And the main idea of the scene is the first huge attack of the bad aliens. and SHIPS FLYING, weapons fireing and all togather, a HELL!


Verry good modeling, and I like the story as well.

I really like the aliens bad as assault craft :thumbsup:.



well i thought that i know that name!
U ARE BACK MY FRIend! :smiley:
best luck!


markovicd: thanx for welcoming me back again buddy…:scream:
mr_carl: Glad that u liked them… thanx


Here is another battle ship concept… its bigger then the Piranha Ship. Its also equiped with heavy weapons and very manuaverable.


You are a ship master. Really really nice. Nothing comments.

Good luck.


Hi! i like a lot your fishlike assault craft. Keep that way :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Will you add bigger ships outside the station? I`m a fan of battlecruisers :smiley:


Dude you got nice rendering. I wish I could do that ;_; still learning on the rendering side though… Can’t figure out how to install this dirt shader :\

The modelling is to my liking too because its very clean looking.

I was wondering is most of your ships non-SubD?
Because if they’re I think I should really stop trying to sub-d every little piece I have.

Its good to see attention to detail as well.


oneir0s: thanx man, m no master but i try my best

Nomad: thanx man, yes i’ll b adding more bigger ships outside flying and flying


ha I just noticed your site has a tutorials and one of them is lighting woohoo!


thanx buddy. well no i didnt use any sub-d… its all polygon modeling… and about the dirt shader, well there aint any dirt shader… its all in the lighting… :stuck_out_tongue:


Yah man I read in that tutorial that there was no GI and I almost crapped myself. It looked like a GI FG scene to me. I just couldn’t believe my eyes and now with those renders geez HA.~! too good!


Thanx buddy, i just added a new tutorial on FAKING GI in my website, the type that you see in my works here.