Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Yvan Verhoeven


most layers are put in the compose…
now playing with it while moke is still rendering.The streaks from the UFO’s is done in paint, the flames are rendered seperate and put on in paint.
The rest is digital fusion and color correct.Have also dephtbuffers, but won’t have time to do something with it I’m afraid…


another image from 4 o’clock this morning. Added some smoke to the right
Have to make a decision for the final look…more blue, more red, green…
don’t know…Can’t wait to get home to finnish it. Not a lot of time left…
Can only start working on it from 8 tonight…leaves me 4 hours…aaarghhh…have made a variation of the front character also…
with head of a girl…maybe I’ll put that in if it renders in time.


Just try to get the left character to work.
The model is built from the guy in the front.
Modeled a head and put some hair on it with guides.


this is the flow in digital fusion.
Nothing special, the layers with colorcorrections, little blurs and glows and contrast adjusted.
Later in paint some other layers added like the woman on the left (not yet in here), some smoke and little tweaks here and there.


So here it is…hope you like it.


This is really nice to see, I have learned alot your WIP thanks for sharing.



You’re welkom. Thanks.

Good luck to you for the voting.:thumbsup:



You’ll have my vote! :buttrock:


First, Yvan; thanks for your reply on my lighting-answer. It lighted up my brain. :wink:

Mine tooooo! :slight_smile:

I really like the fact you did the postproduction in Digital Fusion… because it just is such an amzing tool…! :slight_smile:
Only thing I wonder is why you just didn’t do that post within Photohop or so… Wouldn’t it be more easy to adjust some things within PS?! :slight_smile: (unless DF is so cool :wink: )

You blew me away… again! :buttrock: :bounce:

*Groetjes & daar drinken we wat op hè :beer: :slight_smile: *,


Maybe he doesn’t have Photoshop?
Interesting: I didn’t think DF could be used in such a fashion (not that I’d give up my PS for anything in the world).

Good luck, Yvan.
Remember: humor is a deadly and powerful weapon. :smiley:


yeah, very cool you did the post in fusion.
The real advantage of fusion or AFX is non-destructive filters that you can tweak to death.

The woman is definately a nice addition as well.

Very nice.:thumbsup:


Hey I have never yet checked out your entry but I really do like what you’ve done with the final…sets apart form all the space stations and battle ships areound…humor sells for sure. :thumbsup:


Thanks for the nice comments guys !! Kept me going. Was a week with not to much sleep.

Anyway, was fun to do.

Good luck to all with the voting :thumbsup:


Only thing I wonder is why you just didn’t do that post within Photohop or so… Wouldn’t it be more easy to adjust some things within PS?! :slight_smile: (unless DF is so cool :wink: )

You blew me away… again! :buttrock: :bounce:

*Groetjes & daar drinken we wat op hè :beer: :slight_smile: *,

Could have done that also but in DF you can do colorcorrects (or whatever ) on parts of the flow and on top of that another one, so one layer can have it’s own operater + another one
down the chain , to do that in PS is not so flexible ( just my opinion ).
And of course you can tweak endlessly untill you like the result.
Also when you save different versions of your image in DF it’s just another flow ( doesn’t take to much diskspace ), in PS it’s everytime another +/-50MB extra with all the layers.

Hope that answers your question

*Groetjes ! Zorg jij voor de kaas? Dan zorg ik voor het bier !!:beer: *


Hi! Really impressive work :slight_smile:
Usin DF for postproduction is really good idea. I had a change to use combustion for that purpose, but i choosed photoshop-i am more used with that tool.
Good luck in voting!


Well definitely it’s turning point the the mankind history:) but I would prefer those guys to arrive with some cool space beer, rather than with sharp teeth and hunger:) Great entry, I wish you best now:thumbsup:


Looks pretty wild.pretty good modeling,The textures are a bit lacking though.But still a good entry, fun one.what hurts your chances are this:

25% - Community interaction scoring (how well each shortlisted challenger interacted with the community, gave information about their work and helped others, how early they started submitting work in progress)

good luck still man.


Yes, I know, but I started posting as soon as I started working on it. Had no time before.
That’s also a bit the reason why I did my textures the way I did.
Anyway, had fun …

Good luck to you!


There you go,

one vote for ye!



Thanks, man!:thumbsup: