Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Yvan Verhoeven


test render for the BG layer.
Still playing with the lights…
The smoke is very basic here. Just to find the right shape…
The empty space in the back will be covered by the other layers (so don’t have to worry about that ).


wow! this is one heck of an entry and yet done so fast too!:arteest: keep doing it skywatcher! just amazing and style!


Great work Yvan, interesting name too I knew someone with it as a middle name once. Anyway, keep at it, the lighting tests look nice, perhaps a little softer effect on the pillar structure on the left might help a bit, anyway, keep at it!


Thanks. :slight_smile:

Good luck to you !!


a bit on the lighting setup


lights for the front alien.
Also playing with the texture colors but…can’t get it right for the moment.
Don’t see it any more…
Will post an update in a few minutes so …any comments are welcome.


I just don’t see it any more for the moment. maybe tommorow I have a better look on it. still … there’s enough work to keep me busy, so I let it rest for a while…


did some tests on the UFO exhaust fire.
I’ll render this seperate and put it on in post ( paint and comp ).


It’s just wonderfull Yvan :slight_smile:

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Hey great Ideakeep it up.


here’s a little update on the scene.
render was done in different scenes in LWave to make it not to heavy ( still have only a Athlon 1.1 with 512MB and Gforce2, not a dreammachine ), every time putting in the rendered result as a backdrop pic. Is working fast this way without going in compositing yet.
jst did a colorcorrect in paintprog.


update on the texture for the front layer. Think this is it.Made the backpack look more like in OGL render, was to brown before.


Hmm, cute and violent…
didn’t think those could go together as well as your entry shows.:applause:


Love the jelly-like blood. The render is very clean. Can’t wait to see the final image.


WOW Yvan… You just got one of the most amazing GSO projects of them all! :drool: :applause: :buttrock: :eek:

I’m réally drooling over here…! The modelling is the most ‘dynamic cartoony’ of them all, and the lighting is WONDERFULL! You just got it!

Just one little question for the lighting; are all spots just diffuse lights, or do you also use ambient lighting? :shrug: :bounce: (I’m quite a n00b at lighting :wink: :banghead: )

I hope to have a new wallpaper within some days! :rolleyes:

I wish you allot strenth, good luck, and coffee :wink: ,


Hi, Gijs…thanks for the nice comment.

about the lights…it are plane spotlights, just diffuse.
I always turn off ambient so I can fill it in myself with extra pointlights( some with a falloff ) for local control.
Makes the image more crispy…in fact the most important thing about lighting something is just looking at the image and try to bring out what’s important.
The rest you must try to push back a little by desaturating it (could be done in compose also)
or by giving it a slightly more blue, grey color.
Most of my setups don’t render to long so that’s also an advantage (mostly shadowmaps in spots, no tracing).
This image for ex. in 2k+ ( not the one I posted) took no more than 3 mins to render with HIGH anitaliasing ( on 1.1 athlon with 512MB ).

hope you see the light now…




some models I added with a little info on the textures


a composition of the 3 aliens I rendered def. In whole took about 20 mins. to render in 3600 by 2270.


this is the render of the BG+dephtmap.
The sky is left out here for compose reasons ( so I can alter it or even change if there’s enough time :slight_smile: ).
The sky so far is a paint comp. of some photo’s.


this is a render of the ufo’s for the right part of the image. there are 3 layers so I can play in compose with it ( front, middle and back).