Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Yvan Verhoeven


adding the tail and legs


modeling the feet


adding the eyes and connecting the feet


modeling the hand and arm…


making the head. I just made a copy of the body/head and put that in his original neck with the toppart removed.


this is the backpack engine.


and the finished model


It`s realy nice and funny, and your modeling is simple, straight, and perfect.:thumbsup:


Thanks, glad you like it :slight_smile: .


A little update on the scene layout.
Lost some time…hope I can work on it tonight.


hullo there Skywatcher!
this some nice work and unique funny concept too!like ur modeling styles a lot!hope ull make it ! but if i heard correctly u will!!:slight_smile: good luck!


Oh my! Where did this come from? Wonderful work so far - I love your style. Good luck in finish in this short time :thumbsup:


still making the layout of the scene.
Added some rocks and basic trees without leaves.Also the particles for the smoke here and there…


Hiiiiii Yvan, whats up?
I like your desings so far. Looks very funny and cartoony as always :slight_smile:
It would be very interesting to see it animated, wouldn’t it?

Keep it up,

  • Peter -


Some stuff I did last night, in a few hours I can start again…time is running out…


a little render … nothing final…not sure about it yet…could work though…
depents on the lighting


always the same technique for texturing (I try to avoid using UV’s for this cartoony style of 3D ),simple
cubic and cylinder mapping ( or flat).
If it works you save a lot of time…if it doesn’t you can always go a bit further with UV-mapping.
Lighting is the key here…


Last image from last night (got very late).
There’s a bit more but didn’t have time to prepare for submitting…


That’s more like what I meant! nice job:thumbsup:


A little view on the lightsetup.
Nothing special… just spots and points.
One spot as a key for the scene.
Not getting into raytracing or global illumination…have to finish in time…and that would not help me in the rendertimes…so…this will have to do.