Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Yvan Verhoeven


Yvan Verhoeven has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Space Crunch

So here it is…hope you like it.


This is my concept… Our planet is near to destruction. All the rainforests are gone, no more animals in the wild to find (except for some rats), air is extremely bad, water is toxic, wars going on everywhere,etc…( sounds like the news, I know…).
So…somewhere in the not so far away future people have a big problem…
Some are trying to do something about it and have made contact with lifeforms from another solarsystem.
They (the lifeforms)claim that they are an ancient civilization that lived on earth some 40.000.000 years ago and that they are going to help to restore the blue planet in it’s original state…
Every one is happy and waiting for them to arrive. BUT…when they said ORIGINAL STATE they meant ORIGINAL STATE !!! A blue planet without people…

It’s late to enter the contest but I couldn’t resist.So here we go…


Here are my first models.
This is how the aliens look.


This is a man that will be attacked by an alien. That’s why is head is missing (saves also some modelingtime).


This looks very good so far. I hope you will have enough time to finish it.


hhehehe! great idea and very promising beginning. I hope you will manage to finish this in such a short time. I’m with ya, good luck:)


This is a first version of the UFO.
Maybe this will change a bit, not sure yet. Has to be a bit more deformed ( not to symmetric).


this is my basic scene layout…
first test…just to let all fall a bit in place and to look where there are some empty spaces ( a drawing always looks more complete, full…)


I’m sure he’ll finish.
In machineflesh he did the same thing, enter with one week left and finish on time.

I would have loved to see the “process” like everybody else and not just the finished models.


Sorry that I don’t post every step in modeling but that’s just how I work…
The UFO took about 20 minutes to model, the alien half a day (evening), and the guy with no head about 1 hour. It would take more time to post all the steps than the actual modeling.
There are no big secrets in modeling I think, just skill and have fun doing it…
But anyway, feel free to ask something if you have a question .
It’s not that I try to do the absolute minimum…I just havn’t got a lot of time to work on it.
But I love this contest !!! So even with a week left I want to try it…couldn’ t resist.
My modeling “process” is just starting with a box and then shaping it up and make just as much
poly’s as you need…subdiv does the rest.

Have to go back to work now…

thanx for the reply’s so far ( hope to get some more )

and if you have any questions…


Some cubic and spherical maps, an incidence angle and a bump for the total only two rock images applied on all the other surfaces.
Combining them cubic and spherical with the basic color…and a glow(Lw) here and there.
This is a first test and it will change…not just there yet…


Jippiej, Yvan is back! :slight_smile:

All stuff here looks reaaaaaaly promising (you showed us that you can make the most awesome stuff, with your awarded MF entry…! :slight_smile: ), and the story is also very original. The modelling looks clean and awesome, and your characterdesign is also freakin’ cool! And that texturing looks also very good; especially that tongue-shading! :rolleyes: :applause:

I’m looking forward for more!,


Thanx Gijs, I’ll do the best I can to finish it…stress is building…
Have to get some sleep now I think.:slight_smile:


but your totally off when it comes judging I think.Here are the challenge judge rules:

Phase 2: Internal Judging
Use shortlisted entries, the internal judging will be weighted accordingly
50% - Jury scoring
25% - Public scoring (phase 1) weight

25% - Community interaction scoring (how well each shortlisted challenger interacted with the community, gave information about their work and helped others, how early they started submitting work in progress)


there is even a sticky by Leo about this sort of thing.

I’m just saying that waiting until a week the challenge is over is not fair for everybody that have participated and followed the challenge rules and it actually raises questions about legitimacy.

You did the same for Machineflesh and got an “Honorable Mention”

anyway I do not want to make this a lets bash skywatcher thread. I’m done.
Good luck.


Here are the steps of how I modeled the UFO. Some people wanted to see more of the procces, so here it is.
No big secrets here, I always try to do things as simple as possible…mostly starting with primitives as cubes and spheres.
The rest will follow…(also for the characters).Just have to sleep less I guess…


and another one


spheres, spheres, spheres…


deformation and a cubic imagemap of a part of my kid’s shirt as a texture + a bit of reflection and specular.
The orange strip will be a glow. I’ll put this also around the bodyring.
That’s it…for the UFO modeling…


here’s how I modeled the alien.should have posted this before I showed the final model, I know…but doing this all in one week is not easy…