Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: YU Weihan


Ah, yeah, c’est vrai

I almost forgot ^^ they’ll be on soon



Looking good, let’s see some more! peace


nice work, but be careful to yours maps please…
There is a huge difference between your mesh quality and maps quality !
But the both are really important . I think the maps will increase the quality of your work so… You know what to do.
See you on monday, bye*


Damn=( because I have so much work beside, now I’m running out of time.

I think I will redo a the scene with some changed elements:

new concept: A terran cruiser was shot down and is burning just in front of mother earth, then some shuttles are escaping from it. I want to show how huge the space explosion is with a lot of ship fragments…


There is my final image. ^o^


your work is great but as you had a few wips there had been little communication.
good luck in the challenge !


It’s good, but… did you enter all of the Milestones?
Looking at the images in your posts, I don’t think you did. (except for the final image)


yeah I know I realized that too late :wink:

I will do good in next challenge ( if there is one LoL)

thank u


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