Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: YU Weihan


YU Weihan has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: End of an Era

There is my final image. ^o^


hi weihan… happy to see you in this place !!!

this is the place for a little fight !!! hihaaa !
Have a great first challenge !!!



wow first reply thank you master ^o^

I wish I will do well !

I’ll be overbooked hahaha!

Maybe I’ll post some wips tomorrow ,)


HEllo everybody!

Well well, after two weeks of meditations … O.o

I thought about 2-3 Ideas that seems not bad for my GSO

  1. I thought about a scene with a huge supernova with a black hole near it, so the explosion, many starships and a lot of particle (like asteroids) are all sucked in the hole. But first, I must read a lot of sciences books (imma figured tha out hoho) to know the properties of thoses things

2.A little shuttle flying out from a huge battle cruiser in a wide conflict area. (much easier from my point of view)

3.A huge character, maybe a high council of earth something, projected in holographics before thousand of alien ships just under earth.


ps: soz for my broken english and my leet speak (I play too much games)


I started modelling the battlecruiser but haven’t finished all details that goes with it


Heres a pic for the shuttle


Hi and welcome aboard,

I like idea 2 and 3. And your ideas gave me an idea. How about a scene with hundred of gaint ships on one side and on our side (the good guys side that would be closer to the audience), one tiny ship ready to battle it all!! Just a thought.

peace and good luck


I will post more closeups tomorrow

thank you ^^


hello there ^^

Well why not ^^ but I like the second idea about the huge holographic character that is trying to negociate peace with aliens hoho

and I thing the character will be a beautiful woman hahaha @@’’


Hi there! Nice start. I would vote for the 3rd idea. It’s something new here I think. Holographic transmission before many ships just before the contact with earthlings, sounds nice:) And also nice your modeling so far is:bounce: Let the polygons be with you! good luck


hehe the 3rd path pleases me too, I will start the character design soon and post it ^^


Shuttle almost done:


looking good man… are you doing face extrusions for the panelling on the jet?


yep yes I am, I am bevelling edges and extrude the faces !

thx for comment ^^


3rd idea! 3rd one has a more ‘human’ touch, and is more emotion-driven I feel. Nice modelling so far!



thank you keetmun =)

More WIP coming soon :smiley:


Scene preview


Ok you can continue. You got a very good mesh and I haev see the beginning of your texture and now I’m sad.
I have a big big way to have your level but I work hard everyday to got it !!!


hello wad

for the cruiser, I haven’t really textured it! it’s only a small tiled map on itm I even haven’t unwrapped it yet hoho

the final lookin won’t be that way ^^

see you soon


heya… nice modelling dude, I like the battlecruiser u created ;p

don’t forget your concept sketch milestone