Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Yavor Rusev


very nice design nad texture
keep the good work:thumbsup:


hey mate very nice work! i love it ! keep texturing this little “churches”!


That’s some texturing test with the buildings I did… Some new unique buildings upcoming and then the environment on the city and I finish with it


Outstanding work :thumbsup:

I like the idea of old architecture + science fiction. Very nice.


lots of stuff upcoming I do some test with some trees still WIP , next add some more buildings add some city walls and details , add some army stuff like big weapons and etc. :stuck_out_tongue: to protect the city (( THAT CITY WILL BE UNDER ATTACK )) with smoke , explosins and etc. thanks Ciao :stuck_out_tongue:


Nemirc yeah man I like that combination. THe “hakes” population (they are under attack) have some architecture like that and the other guys are the robots (THe Angel droid). They make some huge invasion on that planet… :stuck_out_tongue: still have to do the ships :frowning:


fine looking city! reminds me of a spain ! :slight_smile: anyway good work


perfect:thumbsup: welldone


Have a happy holiday!


••• [color=red]MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU TOO YAVOR •••[/color]

• Good Looking city pal!, very european style, I like it a lot, My crit: try a darker brown color for the ground and increase tiling

• Happy Hollydays my friend! keep going you are doing really great :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Nice progress mate! You seem to have wiped out the whole city!! :bounce:

Merry Christmas mate!! Best wishes from here…:wavey:


Thanks to all my friends :slight_smile: I wish you all best. :stuck_out_tongue: hope to see you finished your awesome works GOood Luck :stuck_out_tongue: and ciao :stuck_out_tongue:

CLIMAX , yeah man the ground is just a texture (For the test) I gonna paint it now with roads etc.


some sample textuing map


THe Viewport


okey some update with the environment OKEY I KNOW that those trees at front are ugly I just forgot to change the bitmaps in the next update everythink will be fine :stuck_out_tongue:
I really HOPE to become you guys like this city :frowning:


Nice updates DVS! :thumbsup: I think you could use some variation on the city though…Lighting could benefit some “love” too…to bright me thinks…Trees and fog looks good!

Waiting for some more… :slight_smile:


Nice realistic approach. Bet this will be a cool, gothic type final.

my 3d entry


you are right, those trees are ugly :beer: :smiley:
good to know the next update will include the improved trees

I am not sure about that mountain on the backgrond. It looks too white :eek:
On the other hand, the city looks awesome


Thanks for the nice words friends actually yeah it’s too white because of the fog but I will try variations about the trees in front I changed them already I was just too lazy to re-render ;). I continue to add some more stuff thanks.


Beautiful beautiful city you got. I guess enough has been said about the bg. But I feel the city seems to lose its realism at the sides, compared to the middle portion. But that’s probably because you’re not done yet.