Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Yavor Rusev


Too bad i have missed that thread before :frowning:
really superb work! Those evil flying robodragonas are super. I like the way you have modelled wings and how those are connected to bodies !


hey my friend :slight_smile: I’m sorry that I missed your work mann you have some great and inspiring stuff also :slight_smile: thanks for the nice words I wish ya all best and good luck


Hi Yavor,

Bac kto check on your thread and like the concept youve posted. What are they looking at? What is the big event unfolding? Sorry if I’ve missed it but its not clear in your concept and it may want a little emphasis.

Love the droid tho. Very nice…



Very, very cool idea. I am liking your work very much so far. It shows great motion and positioning. Even with just skeletons you can already visualize the potential outcomes… Keep it up!


wow… gona be one hell of a image … mad skills you have… yes… mad…


actually the big event in the image will be the biggest ship “Mother”. That ships destroys the buildings with lighting lasers somethink like "independent-day" but not exactly this will be somethink unique and lots of small ships war all over the place and about those droids they’r going to mess with the rest they prepare for joining the battle :))) that’s it I think


sorry for my english I hope to understand me :shame:


First off your English is fine,dont worry about that at all…:thumbsup: …Your concept is wild,and interesting.You have a nice plan Yavor…very good skills…Just think pivotal moment,action,and eye candy galore,as I see you are…Your doing a very nice job,work hard and well,keep it in the fast lane…:buttrock:


I start modeling I will show you some of MY main texturing technique and will do all the buildings like that that






and after the shop


the mech


Hey Yavor,
The texturing looks pretty good so far, nice building too.


Ho hooooo…It’s all coming together now. U work really fast man, I like the way the buildings turned out. There’s lots more to go, but looks like you’re gonna finish it anyway!

Cheers man


yeah I will try. THe Buildings will be really low poly cause I don’t have much memory and they will be not on the main focus of the picture.


Nice going mate! I like your texturing technique…:slight_smile:

Go! Go! Go! (I have to do that part also…:D)



Hey I really like the way those buildings and the texturing are coming together. I was also planning on using lowrez buildings since they are very far away.

Keep up the good work.


okei that’s some cloned buildings just to test the textures THAT"S NOT AN COMPOSITION TEST. :wink: just some quick renders. I gonna make a few Unique huge buildings and make the whole city and the environment. thanks


another lowpoly building. Cathedral