Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Yavor Rusev


Hey Divaise,

I really like the texture so far, I like how you have scratches only where the protective coating has come off of the armor. Very nice. Keep at this ,it is great so far.:thumbsup:


Hi Yavor!
Whoah, now this is one hell of a render :scream: Realistic as it gets, those textures are awesome!!!
Well, maybe those “pipes” in his neck should have a diferent color, something like sand, but dunno…
Anyways, this rocks :thumbsup:


i envy those texture renderings. very clean and well thought. yes i agree… it’s Realistic.


Woah… I see this is going to be some tough competition :eek:
Its a good thing I am not striving for photorealism, hehehe.

I have to get drunk inmediately :twisted: :beer:

BTW take a look at mine. I’ve added a couple of updates as well :beer:


Hi Divaise

Interesting texture, I like the new one as I think the old one is, looks to leather
its progressing well

check my link

paul p patina


Wonderful! really great! do you wan’t to have such photo-real effect at the end? it’s very hard to achieve such effect on whole scene. I can’t wait to see him finished… I can imagine his poses… really amazing!


I really thanks to all of you for the nice words… :slight_smile: I will try to make the whole scene on that quality but I’m not sure about the final result I hope to have some luck. thanks again you make me feel inspired really friends. :love:


As I said before: a very tough competition indeed :twisted:
I can’t wait to see the finished image. This one will surely be a killer :thumbsup:


Okei an big step… now I show you my concept idea about how the fianal image may look. It’s not the final variant but I have somethink in my mind like that… I do this very quick and I used some dragon CATs cause it’s similar like my robo… The Image will be a few soldiers in focus staying on a big rock and ready to go fly… and a few flying soldiers. and at back I will model the city with all the buildings and ships which attack the city and a lot of explosions and one big ship “The Mother” somewhere in back (it’s not located on the picture) and lots of little ships in action. On the backgroud will be placed some planets.

THat’s the far idea… it’s just some concept the final image may be very different. Thanks.


well… one small step for us but giant for u! :slight_smile:
i like this concept… just add more stuff … spaceships… :slight_smile:


yeah :slight_smile: but that’s just some boxes I did in an half an hour I just show my general look I will add a lot of stuff… but I hope my pc could render that scene cause I’ve only 512 ddr but on the holidays I think to buy some GB up :slight_smile:


yeah … i have 512 sdr… not ddr but sdr… i didnt change my computer for 3 years… i plan on buying now new mobile phone ( nokia 6670 ) so… i will have to w8 for a couple of months… :slight_smile: for new computer :slight_smile:
anyway good luck!


:deal: you could buy just the memory ( 256 RAM ) and upgrade your pc it’s not very expensive ! about the phone I will buy also I think about ericsson T630 , EMmmm about the pc I will take it temporary because I will work on my NEW BOX :slight_smile: after the challenge:))))))) Just kiding :thumbsup: :slight_smile:


that’s a awesome looking droid you have there, no crits man… simply amazing stuff

keep it up!


hey Versiden I’m really glad… I love your works man I know your stuff from machineflesh and you were on of my favourite :slight_smile: very nice progress in the GSO also I wish you all best and this time to win the challeng :slight_smile: :thumbsup: :slight_smile: Good Luck


Now that’s what I call positive thinking :bounce:
But I wonder if they are giving away one one BOXX and I am the one that will get it, how come that you will get one too :curious:

Cheers :beer:


hehe Okei JUST Give Me The Monitor :slight_smile: Just kiddin now seriously I finished the character now I start building the City I will model every buillding and show it to you , then the big ship “The mother” then the small ships and the rest of the environment and (woah it’s already 17 jan) :))) I hope to finish in time :slight_smile:


Nice scene Divaise! :thumbsup: Man there are a lot of stuff in there that want to be modeled! (I imagine them screaming: “Hey DVS! Pick me! Pick me!” “Shut up you stupid box! Pick me! Pick me!”…something like the sea-gulls in Finding Nemo “Mine!” “Mine!”…hehe)

I like the overall scene look and waiting for you to feed more my imagination with wonderful models! :thumbsup:

I usually send a spoon of gallic potion…I think I’ll send you the whole marmite for eternal energy and strength…

Wish you the best on your grande effort! :bounce:


haha yeah my friend :slight_smile: I have so much thinks to do , and the time is running fast… but I hope everythink will be allright I’m so cuirous about that challenge because there’s so many great entrys can’t wait to see the FINAL :slight_smile:


Looking good there Yavor.

Cant wait to see the textured version of your ANGEL dude!

REmember, only 1 month left!

Good luck!