Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Yavor Rusev


Okei I finished and the legs actually Not finished I will change the legs the arms the whole body ( I have lots of work on the body). I HOPE YOU LIKE IT !!! :_)


How he would bend his legs…? but the general look is great. I especially like the feet design(by this part which I can see)


hey arturro thanks for that critique I really appraise it. I will work on the legs more :slight_smile: thanks man. GL


Hey Divaise,

The model is looking great, the lower leg(from knee to ankle) looks to big and bulky.If you made this area look more slimer and emphasize a calf muscle it would help out I think.
Looking good though.:thumbsup:
My GSO entry


thanks my friend mmoir for the critique. I will definitely work on that part of the leg. Thanks and Good Luck in your work Btw nice updates. :stuck_out_tongue: Ciao :thumbsup:


i think that legs are to long…


wow , your model look cool!! and i agree that the lower leg is a bit too big!
great work ! keep going!


thanks for the critiques friends I will work especially in the lower part :slight_smile: that’s not the final model so… it’s very fast simulation of leg I worked at it about 2 , 3 hours. Thanks a lot mates and GL :thumbsup:


Hello DVS

• Cool robots! I Like them a lot in their non textured stage

• Post a front view with open wings! it would be great! :thumbsup:


Yeah man I’m now working on the poses I hope I will post them in the next 1-2 days. Thanks for the reply. I Wish you luck man


hey Climax I’m a big fan of your “death of the apple” I love this artwork I’ve watched it a lot of times and I love it. :slight_smile: respect you man :thumbsup: I love your works


Hi there Yavor!
I mean whoah! Now this is one hell of a character Youwe made! Excelent!
But, Youwe definetly gonna have to modify the legs a little cause now they wouldnt flex. Everything else is good :slight_smile:
Thumbs up!


Kaksht , thanks man for the nice words I will surely work on the legs , but in the next 4-5 days I don’t have an pc because I’m not in home because of my university :frowning: I can’t wait to continue my work . I wish ya luck.


Hello Divaise! I see you’re progressing! Your character works great so far! :thumbsup: I won’t say that the legs are a bit off…I see them as stylized.
The whole form of this character works well to me! I think the textures will really boost him!

Waiting for updates! :slight_smile:


Okei I’m back… I continue to bored you with my stuff :slight_smile: Now I start texturing the head it’s very fast work so it’s not perfect I will change the textures a lot in future but that’s the first try I do :slight_smile: Hope you like it


Great! I like it a lot, how long it rendered? My only advice now is to make a bigger bump… I mean the white and grey areas… the border should be more visible there. Now it’s not very clear that this white are is a shiny poolished paint, and the grey are is something which is under the paint. So move the white areas further with bump…


Wow, that’s excellent work Divaise.

Great design and nicely modelled aswell, texture also seems very nice so far.

Keep it up! :slight_smile:


Nice start on the textures Divaise! :thumbsup:

I like the “used metal” touch! I think you need some glow in the eye sockets!!

Waiting for more!


I like it a lot man… Just one comment… reduce the exposure of the hdri map because it looks a little too reflective at the time… Other than that :bowdown:


thanks for the nice words, about the eyes terraarc you’re right :slight_smile: I will add some cool glow in the next update , about the reflective yeah thanks icedeyes I will make the white material less reflective. THank to all of you