Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Yavor Rusev


Tell her that if you win you will give her the copy of SoftimageXSI :smiley:
I haven’t heard of a girl that would say no to such an offer :deal: :buttrock: (and you would be able to keep the BOXX for yourself)


YEAH I’m sure she will be so happy… she’s gonna watch it like a monkey at front of a TV :banghead: :slight_smile: hahah

no now serious the cg is my real love at this time when I’m with her I think only about that when I go home and make the rest of the body of my robo :thumbsup:


which reminds me that I still have a headless robot to finish :shrug:


Wow amazing modeling, I will follow your work soon.
Good luck, keep going and enjoy it.


…aaahhhh …hehehe…don’t worry my friend…it will pass…tomorrow or the day after she will call to ask u if u want to ask forgiveness…lol…that is the matter u must think next…'cuase i BET she will… :bounce:


that is a real cg freak:twisted: I think taht I would choose my boyfriend than working on 3d. But on the other hand I’m just a begginer and can’t make such great thinkgs as you can. Maybe If someday I learn it, he will leave me for some hot blonde who cannot even turn the computer on… anyway great work here! I like your modeling. Abd this shader is amazing! can you give some tips for the begginer how to make such things…?


Great modelling :thumbsup:

I like the concept. Keep going and good luck.


I had some problems with my pc so now I can work… I start modeling the hands The right One (current) is a GUN. Now I start modeling the left one with a normal hand. :slight_smile: Hope you like Thanks


This is looking beautiful, no other word for it!
I really like that ground texture you did with the blobby blue thing a few pages back.
Bummer about the girl. Hopefully you will find a different person that appreciates your amazing tallents, that or the old one will come back and learn to support you and your artwork. Until then, ya gots to go all out for 3D!!!:buttrock:


Okei I made and the other hand it’s not very datailed on the fingers and tc. but I don’t need so much details in there because of my main idea :slight_smile: thanks Ciao :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah really nice hands :stuck_out_tongue: , just i think that these wing look like they have been cutted of … i would make them go in spike :slight_smile:
but it is just me :smiley:


Excellent Modeling!
good luck.:applause:


markovicd. -> the wings are still under construction they are not finished I mean I will make them like a real wings :slight_smile: Thanks for the comment bro

adel3d -> thanks for the nice words. I saw your work nice stuff I wish you all best. Thanks bro


this model is getting great shape, with the each update his mood is more emphasized:thumbsup: I can’t wait to see it textured, really great job:applause: No crits… Nothing more to add now… maybe just:

I’ll be back:twisted:


arturro , I’m glad man I hope to finish it in that style… btw nice progress on your project also hope to see more from you. see ya :applause:


That robot is looking really good. I think I have to put a lot more of work on my “beautiful killing machines” if I want to stand a chance :bowdown:


She dumped you because of this? She’s out of her mind…but so is every other girl I bet. Sigh…you lose some you win some I guess.

Model’s great, looks like one of those stone gargoyles, robot style. Great work as always!



keetmun -> Yeah :slight_smile: funny story because she needs more time with ME. But however I have at the moment a girlfriend and her name’s “3ds MAX 6.0” :). Thanks about the nice words my friend , luck in your work too.

nemirc -> thanks a lot my friend I see you have progress also keep going.


Hi Yavor,

Very nice modelling and your shader material is very effective too, but will be interestde to see how you integrate it all into the one scene.

Good luck



Ouch I see this only now and… :buttrock: that’s a beutiful design… I wait to see more :applause: