Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Yavor Rusev


I start modeling the Wings of the mechs it’s still WIP wings :wink:


wonderful design!! He reminds me the futer ninja… or samurai… i love it:thumbsup:
I’m waiting for the next updates:bounce:


yeah thanks man :slight_smile: actually I try to make the mech creative and masive lookin thanks for the nice words !


Very nice Design on your warrior…and clean work too :thumbsup:


The rear engine test :slight_smile:


This mech model is really looking pretty cool, you are working quickly too. I like the flying mech robot idea. No real crits , keep up the great job. :thumbsup: It would be nice to see a bit more of how the scene will look but I am sure that will come later.

My GSO entry


awsome character :thumbsup:
the modeling looks really clean, i really like the devil/angel feel of it; what about a wire?
thank you and keep up!


The Wire


and almost finished wings I continue with the rest of the body.


Yeah, I will work 24/7 on this begining this weekend when I finally get rid of my finals :twisted:

BTW those are really nice wings. However, can they stretch or are they meant to be “ornaments”?


:thumbsup: yeah I have some problems with the Time also and that university… bliok… i can work only in the weekends however if you want somethink trully from heart… you can make it :slight_smile:
about the wings I have to make them work stretch however hard it is… because of my main idea it’s very important :slight_smile:


some good modeling skills + fast!
i like it continue!


It looks great. The design is really good, and it’s very well modeled. Keep it up!


Thanks for the nice words friends. I continue :slight_smile: THANKS :thumbsup:


Man your moving fast! The Yadane Soldier looks quite promising! :thumbsup:

Waiting for more! :slight_smile:


Hi Divaise

nice modeling, not sure what the background story is but i will follow this thread.

are you going to make a female robot as-well,

check my link Paul Patina!


this is a breathtaking warrior excellent man great modelling

cool design cant wait to see the rest body keep it up:bounce:


Nice,very nice,you have some fine skills Yavor,and the potential with this is on high…Keep at this as you are,looking very nice…Clean and smooth,just think about a touch of non-symetrical modeling near the end,give it at least a touch of unbalanced polish…that of course is a taste thing…go at it strong…:arteest: :cool:


thanks for the nice words mates I’m really happy that you like it.


sh*t I broke up with my girlfriend because of my project cause I give all my time in that challenge but may be it’s for good :slight_smile: