Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Yavor Rusev


Damn cool…Very nice shader as well… Keep going! :thumbsup:


The shader looks great , you have a lot of days to work hard and finish your project Afterall this is a challenge dont you think.

Ill stay close in your thread to give my support . Thanks for your words in my thread


I Start modeling the mechanical soldiers hope you like It


The second view


Nice Yavor…very nice start.I’ll keep an eye out for your updates,and look forward to you getting this done the way you have planned…I like the ground material,and the modeling is off to a nice start…Keep at it hard,and in the fast lane…:arteest: :arteest:


hey Virtuoso Thanks man.BTW I love your works buddy. Thanks for the nice words and GL !



Nice start on the modeling and I like the crystal shape . Good luck with the contest.
My GSO entry


nice start dude… u got some great idea for a great GSO!.. ur models are comming up really nice…nothing to crit but one thing… those wire that is comming out of the mach head looks deformed… and u might also use shooting in the wires to give it a sharp look while keeping is light… anways man ur on ur way… keep up the good works… :thumbsup: good luck


The Modeling continues…


The Modeling continues…


The Modeling continues…


The Modeling continues…the body is very basic I will change the concept a lot in the progress :slight_smile: thanks


Hey man, you got some nice modelling work going on, and i must say i really like the shader you did for the ground. And i bet you’ll finish it with no trouble, your one of those award winner ones :thumbsup:


Thanks My friend I’m really glad that you like it and believe in me I will try everythink to finish that challenge thanks really you make me feel inspired to work hard THANKS


some update


some update


Eureka, the future in home carpet cleaning appliances. Or is it Hoover? J/J… It’s looking pretty good! But it does kinda look like a vaccuum from the back.:stuck_out_tongue:


that’s a very nice mech :thumbsup:
and your ground shader looks awesome! I really need to see that finished battle ground

after seeing a few entries I see I really need to make an outstanding image if I want to win something :drool:


nemirc : Yeah Man it some very very hard challenge… Thanks for the nice words I hope to see your work finished and do it fast cause we don’t have enought time. Ciao :stuck_out_tongue:

MorganRalston : on the next update if the mech still looks to you like a vacumm I QUIT THE CHALLENGE and send to you the model to use it for commercial in the vaccumm industry. actually the model I will change all the time till the end of the challenge. Ciao thanks for the comment :slight_smile: :deal:


I start modeling the Wings of the mechs it’s still WIP wings :wink: