Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Yavor Rusev


u see that u didn`t quit! :slight_smile:


Glad to know you are still here with us :cry:

Don’t give up. You are too close to do that now :arteest: :beer:


Great to have you back in the nick of time. You got a nice work going there. Keep it up!


hurry up my friend, you can do it! If not, try to finish it for the expose 3… such a great work should get some credits:thumbsup:


Go D!
Go D!
Go D!


Sorry Guys , may be next time thanks to all who supported me in that hard challenge !!!
I work on expose entry but not on that project. Thanks again
special thanks to

nemirc -> I won’t dissapoin you next time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

and all of you guys who gived me so great critiques :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks really you’r such a cool guys , will see ya on :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yavor it’s been a great pleasure meeting and watching over your progress! :slight_smile:
I really enjoyed your motivation and enthusiasm over your project mate! You’ve made some great progress leaps imagining your late entry…(December if I remember well)…and that alone was motivating enough for me at least…:bounce:

Quite a pity you didn’t made the deadline BUT!!..this is not the end mate! Think over your idea again and try adding those things missing to complete your vision…:thumbsup:

Hope to see you soon around CG…:slight_smile:


You better :beer: :deal:

See you around next time pal… and see you in the finished works gallery when you post your image there :bounce:


yeah man definantly finish this and submit it soon ok?


I’m sorry because my question is not exactly for this theme but Yavor are you from Bulgaria?


Yeah Bulgarian Student. Pr. Mi e :slight_smile: dai na private ako imash vuprosi neshto!


Yeah… you read my mind here :shrug:

Anywayz, D, how’s school going and how’s the final image coming? :love: :deal:

Take care friend :buttrock:


hahaha that’s bulgarian language :stuck_out_tongue: How are you my friend :slight_smile: mm about the image i’m not sure I don’t have no time now I work on expose 3 entry :stuck_out_tongue: take care


I am fine, thanks :cool:

I am currently working on a character. Well, I had been working on it before but thanks to the uni I had to put it on hold till these days. The link is on my signature, check it out :deal:

Take care my friend, and finish the entry some day :scream: :thumbsup:


Hey man I was wondering where you went in the challenge! Now I know…It’s too bad, but we’re both still very young, (it says here that you’re 18, I’m 19 in 2005) so we have lots more time to get way better, and you’re already really good! Cheers to your future work! We’ll meet again I bet.



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