Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Yavor Rusev


Nice going here DVS! :thumbsup:Cloud test is looking great!

Nothin to crit…just some motivation bounces!!



thanks man you’r such a cool supporter you motivate me a lot thanks Again I really appreciate that.


looking sharp dvs! keep them coming!


:bounce: :beer: :bounce:


hello Dvs,

I thought it was a vray renderer. Thanks anyway. Keep up. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Looking good man, keep at it. Have a happy new year!



May all these days coming be your best!:slight_smile:


HAPPY NEW YEAR [color=black][color=white]I WISH YOU ALL [/color]LUCK , LOVE , HEALTH and to don’t stay alone I wish you to have always a lot of friends who[color=red] support you and respect you :stuck_out_tongue: HAPPY NEW YEAR my friends[/color]. 2 0 0 5 [/color]


Great Work. I love the look of the mech soldiers.

What program are you using?


Hey D…

Happy late new year :applause:
And good luck with the challenge :buttrock:


wow…very nice details work on your entry!!

i must say your work is very cool!

good luck for u in the next days:thumbsup:


hey friends thanks :wink: I’m haven’t posted for a while cause I work on changing some of the main idea because I don’t have much chances in this one in my opinion so just a little bit I changed the composition :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Some updates comin soon


I look forward to see those updates :thumbsup:


Dude! What program do you use?


3dsmax 6.0 man :wink: with brazil r/s 1.2. BTW I have progress I need just some little more time and I will upload :stuck_out_tongue: thanks.

BTW I can’t wait to see all your final images guys it’s my first serious challenge and it’s so excitng ;)))


I’m Quit… :frowning: I don’t have enought time… in My Uni I have some exams now and my free time is “0” I’m really happy that I made some connection with all of you guys , and I don’t sorry about that Entry I learned a lot from that challenge… I Wish You Luck


not good man… I understand you very well. All my exams will be probably failed in hte 1st tries:) Wish you best and see you on the next challenge!


Hey Yavor ,
Thats too bad you had a good image going, good luck with your exams though they should take priority I think. There will be other challenges in the future.
Take care,


hey guys thanks , I saw the timer and it’s 2 days and 9 hours left I think it’s enought to make some try so I will work by nights and days and may be left some 8-9 hours to render… I will try to make it , I really hope , if I can’t… that’s the destiny and Cheers ;PPP


that’s some renders on the background which is composited in photoshop from a few pictures and the sea “” That’s whiout the city , the droids , the ships and etc.