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As you all continue with my thread…i was going to reamind a realy valuble gift wich we got from Mr edison (god bless him)…just think ,we dont have electricity???
they are working on a heuge generator wich produces the heuge amount of electricity for any of planet in gallaxy…especially my lovely planet (mars)…
i want to thanks cgtalk & cgnetworks guys to create a realy nice and clean challenge.
again thanks all of you who supporting me with your valuble crit and comments…and for the last, realy realy sorry of my bad english .


khosh amady yaser :slight_smile:


Welcome to the challenge,yasser :thumbsup:
Hope to see your first concepts.


Good Luck For all Entries :thumbsup:


Hi adel :))
. i was expecting you For an Email??

i pray for you To win
You Start Very Nice :thumbsup:


I Can See a Finishing Blowing Moment of a Vast War Galaxy
Wich is Finished by Closing the Entrance Door of the Ship , Becouse it is
Time to Explode and all Whatever it is Outside Must Burn.( all the enemies )
a Monster’s Hand is Punched Between the Door.
what Do You Think About the Concept?


Hmm interesting - the idea is pretty cool, but I don’t think your image reflects it too well.

What if you could see everything exploding outside (maybe through big windows in the side of the pod) - and the ship moving just infront of the explosions (classic Hollywood - almost getting caught but just escaping).

I like the idea of the monster’s hand through the door - but you’d have to suggest that it is a monsters hand because in the sketch it just looks like a hand…

which leads me to another idea - what if the back doors were glass… you could see the monster with his arm trapped - or even with his arm chopped off… flying backwards away from the pod (ultra cool in my opinion) - and then the explosions in the background of a city or whatever.

Anyway, that was just my brainstorming, so feel free to pick anything from there if you want to - I look forward to seeing some developmental sketches.


Thanks For Comments Steve:)

In This Point I am Just Looking For different Idea .This Image Is not Finished yet :love:

Exploding ::I will add Some Orange Lighting In the window For Exploding And all Yellow Reflects In tha Cabin.:shrug:
Glass Door :: I had Study Mechanicahl Stuff Wich Leads Me To Create Real Objects Wich If Someone Want’s To Make The Object He will Bee Able To Do so .:slight_smile: There is a very High Pressure In Galaxy Wich Stop Us to Use Big Glass Pieces Like an Entrance door .So it Would Be Unrealable.:slight_smile:

Monster:: I don’t Mean What you Exactly Think Of a monster In this Case Maybe I Should Say Enemy Not Monster Becouse It is a Bit Early To Decide What Aggressive Whould Crushed Between The Door.:thumbsup:

By the Way this Is my First Skecth In my Whole Life. It is Very difficult To Draw WhatEvere It Is In your Mined.:sad:
Feel Free To Comment More and More And …
Comments are Very Welcome


Welcome to the challenge!


Some Color Added.
What Do you Think where I am ?


New colour is cool - I can see the explosion in the windows - but it’s just hinting at it rather than showing it directly (which is a very good way to do it, draws more thinking from the viewer).

Very good point about the door - I guess glass is a little unrealistic for a space atmoshpere etc.

About the monster - my mistake! lol - sorry, totally misunderstood you there.

So basically, now those few points are cleared up I’ll have to give my thumbs up :thumbsup: to your concept - it’s pretty cool if you ask me!



Thanks Steve:love:
But I Am Not Happy With The Concept It Needs More Detail.
Or Mayeb Change The Idea…???


The idea’s cool… but if you think it needs more detail then how about…

Changing the viewer’s perspective to outside the escape pod. You can see the city exploding (or whatever), you can see many escape pods leaving the scene, all flying in the same direction (either towards the viewer, or maybe towards the left of the screen - I dunno, but something like that).

In my opinion that would be pretty epic, it’s the same concept (background wise), just it seems to be ‘more detailed’ (and more epic) if you move to outside the pod, where the full destruction can be seen.

Just an idea, but thought it might help.


It’s a cool concept and well made sketch, but it just doesn’t feel like a grand space opera…

Steve’s suggestion to keep everything about the idea itself and simply move the camera outside sounds like a good plan to me, you’ll get an entirely different scene but no need to rethink the story.


Good luck man!


Nice images pal.
Looks really interesting :thumbsup:

Check this out:


Thanks Every One For Comments

But Before I Check Out The Comments Have Already Finishing The 3rd Update.:frowning:

for stevetwist & JamesMK Comments:

Can You Tell Me What is This Grand Space Opera Is???

English Is not My Mother Language , Maybe I got A very Big Mistake!


visualact … grand space opera is like starwars … space conflict … you have a good idea and concept , but i think thet are lookin for a massive scene … something that shows a large area … where your scene shows small area ( only one room) …

your idea is good but if you can show all of your story outside also, it should fit the requirements


I Will Search For A Better Idea. :lightbulb

Thanks Pig Water:cool: