Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Wouter van Vugt


• There’s been a while since my last visit, I see you have done great advances :thumbsup:

Your modeling and texturing are cool, but I believe you should use another pose for the boy, one much more dramatic, please don’t missunderstand but he looks too static
Looking forward to see more updates of your image :slight_smile: !!

• Good Job my friend, :beer:


Hi d-tox

Your making nice progress, Im not so sure about the scarf, he looks to fashion-able,

more ragged and brown, may be the way to go, its only my opinion,

nice lighting, very Renaissance,

nice work



this is some excellent work that boy with the doll is absolutelly great you did a great job here

i want to see more of this keep it comin:thumbsup:


just making parts of the scene. Most things are untextured right now, and ofcourse the rock he is standing still needs lots of work.


It’s been a while but as i said i had my exames, well they went pretty bad… but anyway here’s an update


cant wait to see more updates :thumbsup:!


Hi d-tox

Great work here! lighting is very good especially.

Looking forward to some more updates! Keep up the great work! :slight_smile:


very emotional image to me nice:)


WoW fantastic work man… been a while since i came by here …


Your image is looking good. My only crit right now would be that the way the lighting is set up, his face is in shadow, and it’s kind of the emotional centre of the scene, so i’m not sure that this is a good thing.

keep going!


just a small update, not far from finished now…:stuck_out_tongue:


I hope so grate image i like it too mach :bounce:


• Glad to see you are back and almost there! Have a happy new Year Wouter! Your Image is looking very good, I like the lighting, I can’t wait to see what comes next, Keep it up my dear friend :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


thnx man,

happy new year to yoo too man!:thumbsup:


the image is getting better and better :thumbsup:! btw how about giving just a little bit more light to the face! so that can see the eyes and the expression a little better , but anyway its a great image :buttrock:!


Well… guess this is it :slight_smile:


Hi d-tox
i think hmm… brightness or gamma is a little bit high!kinda kills the contrast.maybe try to lower the brightness a lil bit! like the lighting on the face!:slight_smile:

anyways once again great work:thumbsup:!wish u luck!


thnx man, good luck to you too, and ofcourse everyone else in this challenge:thumbsup:


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