Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Wouter van Vugt


great work. keep it coming. :thumbsup:


thnx guys

This model still needs a lot of work. And those textures are gonna be changed, gonna start on his pants tommorow:D


just amazing Dtox , he is looking great , the little guy is fantastic too , i really like the pose .

keep the good work:thumbsup:



This is an interesting work, like close encounters, or something similar, the

clothes are modeled very well…

ALL the best



changed quite a lot, and added some things
still needs lots of work though


Nice update mate, im only see one problem in the cloth, it hasnt width , look little flat specially in the arms .Maybe you can add a modifier solidify (Xsi) or shell (max) dont know what software are you using but it can help you to make the cloth more thick. Overall the progress is great , i really like the pants and the pose of your model

Hope to explain myself ,hehe :thumbsup:


The boy i take it is supposed to be young right b/c of the pj and ragdoll, well u know like that mad tv chinese lady says, he look like a man!


i don’t know any mad tv chinese lady, but i get your point, just a really hard one to fix but i’'lle try:thumbsup:

Thnx for your comments, jsut fixed it :slight_smile:


Just a small update
I still have to tweak some things, and then i will get into the texturing part :stuck_out_tongue:


great, the progress is very good… The best of this guy are emotions. He looks so innocent… and the way that he holds toy is so natural… maybe only his face should be scared a little bit more. For example moved a little back, as he would like to take his had back… I hope you get what I mean… good luck!


I changed his head a little, and added a skarf. This time i used photoshop a little, just so you know :slight_smile:


Very Nice render friend…may I sugest a small bit of variation in the color map/textures of the clothes to give them a bit more of a “worn” look…but really looks nice though :thumbsup:


jup, but thats mostly becaus i still have to really texture most parts, well everything is just textured basic, cause the mesh still isn’t fully finished, almost there. And then i will start really texturing everything :smiley:



Great modelling, man :thumbsup:

I think he looked too old, but that last update helped a lot.
Keep it up!


I love your work and your methodology.
It’s impressive.
i like how you recreat a GSO scene wigh turn around one body and his beer.
It s a nice “tour de force”.
Congratulations man.


Looks real nice Wouter…a sympathetic and yet still appealing look…I will check out your updates as you go.Well done,keep up the nice work here…:arteest:


Thnx all for the comments

I will send some more updates tonight,
I just can’t really work on it for 2 weeks or so… I’m having my school exames next week, and this year i haven’t learnt anything, but really nothing, so i have to catch up everything in a week or 2, so i can’t 3d as much anymore…:slight_smile: But after the exames i got vacation so then i will catch up with the challenge :stuck_out_tongue:


ihm :o great work out there!
kid with the bear, very touching! love it :love:



Looks good my friend. Nothing really to crit so far except the ehad onm your character. Its position looks a little out but can’t put my finger on it. Its as if the whole head needs to move forward, towards the chest, a little. I’m not as strong a character modeller as you though, just an open opinion.

Keep going!!!


PS Good luck in your exams and look forward to seeing you back here.


It does look nice. Well-constructed and well-lighted piece is strong for storytelling…

Kepp up good works…