Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Wouter van Vugt


a really small update, more to come :stuck_out_tongue:



That textured head model is awesome. Keep up this great work.:thumbsup:
My GSO entry



the face looks great, looks real and sympathique!
I love the “toy” that he holds in his hand!

can’t wait to see more.


not bad bro not bad at all… u got a great model there… nice concepts and got a good feeling abut ur end result… keep up the good works mate… best of luck… :thumbsup:


Thnx for all the replies
I’lle send another update tomorrow i think


hi Wouter…
great model of the boy man! :thumbsup:
i’m not a character modeler but it looks very well…
keep it up mate! and keep posting stuff and you’ll get a lot of replys!
the best of luck and cheers…


nice modeling~
can we get screen shot of a sideview?


I’m far from happy with it. But i’m kinda getting bored with him, so meanwhile i think i’m gonna start on some other models as well…


Greate model
zoom on hands i intreted in


The rig is still very bad, but i’m only gonna work on the hands and head of the rig some more. Cos over all his body is gonna be clothes, that’s also why his body is so bad :slight_smile:


just gave him some really basic clothes…


just put some more detail in his shirt, still not finished


you work is good, you model is nice:)


Finally the boy is shaping up to what i had in mind. Still far from finished ofcourse.


just a close up of his face…


je moet meer spammen …
ik stond in de eerste paar weken in de top 3 van mensen die meeste replies kregen

hou je topic hoog in de list …
dan krijg je meer replies …
blijf je hoog
en krijg je nog meer :wink:


weet ik, maar k ben erg lui :stuck_out_tongue: . Ik zal es wat meer gaan posten hier, maar het irritante is dat ik van elke thread waar ik post duizende mails krijg omdat ik ‘‘subscribed’’ ben :stuck_out_tongue: . Zal ik eerst maar es uitzetten word ik nogal gek van…

Btw ben jij gestopt:shrug:, k heb al een tijdje geen updates meer gezien geloof ik?


jeans and shoes are still to come :stuck_out_tongue: .
Just a quick render
(default scanline renderer: 4sec)


geen tijd / zin

betaald werk atm wat teveel tijd vreet


Simply stunning, congrats for your concept and work… :thumbsup: + :applause: is really a nice…