Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Wouter van Vugt


thnx man,
finally a comment:)


A lil update on the boy. There needs to be much more emotion in his face, but i’m gonna work on that :stuck_out_tongue:


a small update… still needs lot of work…


Really amazing head modelling! Very impressive work! Your modellingskills are GREAT! And that textured bear is STUNNING! Just AWESOME work in this thread :wink:

Again allot goodluck wished,



very nice story you got d-tox… just hard for me to read… maybe just my monitor. nice character, love to see the wire. keep going.


thnx you both,

Anyway, just wanted to let you know i’m still working on this project. I will post an update somewhere tomorrow. I still have to make a lot of ships and building, and then wreck em all:twisted:
anyway updates will come soon, the sketch will come tomorrow(if i can find some time for it:P)


Now on to the texturing part :stuck_out_tongue:


JUst begining on the hair, and texture a little…


The spec map is finished(moving on to the bump map now), the hair still needs some tweaking, and modelling…


Does anybody know if it is legal to make your sketch in 3d?
Otherwise ill just draw it… But that looks a bit worse i think…:shrug:


an update, hes got a bump map now :slight_smile:


some more views of the boys head…


Great model of the boy!

Are those tears just a map? How did you do them?

Keep updating! It’s very nice!


WoW a comment :eek: hehe

tears are a mesh, with a raytrace material on em, they still need a lot tweaking though, just like the hair :slight_smile:


good model and texture mate. Something is wrong with the shadow, but im sure u will fix this. Lookin forward to see sketch - and yes i think it can be 3d or mixed 2d-3d.


A really basic idea of what it’s gonna be… It can come out pretty different from this, but the base like this. A little boy standing on the battlefield after the battle crying. With in the background some spaceships in search of the last reamaining people(see story). And a destroyed city… How it is exactly gonna look in the end i dunno yet, i just have an idea of it…:slight_smile:


It’s really fascinating idea and rather original I would say.
But as for me a subject could be more dramatic and capchuring if a boy appears (unexpectedly!!!) among falling ships and buildings, a witness of a huge battle which has begun suddenly…


Yes something like that is cool too. As i said it could go any way, i almost never stick to my original concept. Just the idea of a boy at the battle field(before or after). But if the battle is still going on i think it’s just too hard to really focus the attention on the boy, since the image will become overcrowded… I think it will be more dramatic, to put him after the battle, with a couple of corpses on the ground, a couple of ships still in the air, a black sky, destroyed buildings and so on. With him being the symbol of hope for mankind… :slight_smile:

But as i said it can still go any way…
But first i will try to finish this boy, and make some ships… then i will begin really thinking about the scenery and environment…


This is still a very wip, and ofcourse still need legs :P. He’s gonna have a pyjama on or something, at least there’s gonna be clother over most parts of his body, so i want model everthing in detail…
Tell me what u think of it so far…?


IS this thread so bad? I almost get no reply’s, while the other threads gets lots of replys.
Doesn’t work very simulating :slight_smile: .
anyway i’'lle just keep going :smiley: