Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Wouter van Vugt


ok i’m gonna say this once and once only.

Go to this site: .And see that my first wip of this ship was on 20 oktober. This contest started on 18 oktober. I just posted it somewhat earlier on the other site than here. I really really don’t see the big deal about it.
I am really not gonna lie about this…

But if you don’t like it somehow that i didn’t post it here first, i will quite then… I quite the posting on the other site, for this… I Really don’t see how this could be a problem…


Looking awesome so far. Really like the design of the jet. And as for as the so called premade model, I dont think that can be a issue since you clearly posted it after the competition started, talk with a few administrators and the see there point of view on it. I dont see why you would have to start over on something that you clearly have been puting your hardwork into. Good luck in this challenge,



Yes i guess that’s a good idea to talk with some administrators about it. :slight_smile:


Ok i’m gonna begin all over again(just like my last two projects:shrug: )What a bad start ha?:slight_smile:

I will do everything over, meaning story, concept, models…

There just was a lot of work in this one…i really hate this… I still don’t see the big deal, i begin modelling after the start of this challenge, just posted it somewhere else first…ok but fine with me then… The challenge is long enough for that it seems:)


G/l finaly about to start this thing seriously i guess


OK new story:) :

There’s a war going on. Most people are fighting. The humans are no match for this alien kind. The earth is lost, the people that are left are either praying or fighting, nothing seems to work . In the end there’s this little boy whos praying to god to save him in a church. Against him is an evil orc kind with a big gun pointed at him…Will he shoot…?

I am really gonna work to put as much emotion into that little boy as i can.
I gonna draw a conept now, should be finished soon

@voutlooz i was also serieus last time…


wip of the church bench…

concept will come tomorrow…


Changed plans;)


• Happy to find you here!
• It seem there is a problem with my browser or you may have linked your images externally of this Site, because I can’t see them! :curious: :sad: if it is so, i suggest you to to upload them with the “submit entry” procedure or you may get desqualified ( Read the rules )

• However, I’am sure you are doing a great job, Keep it up pal! And I wish you the Best in the challenge:thumbsup: I’ll be checking out your updates, See ya!


This is the bear of the little boy(that is yet to come)

I think the scene is gonna be a little guy standing on the battleground at the end of the war, with his bear…


hi! i wish you do good job - i like your idea :slight_smile:


I hope so too. I just hope i can put enough emotion into that little boy… Really gonna work on that, can’t wait to start on the boy. But first i gotta search or make some reference for it:sad:

Btw Story and concepts are coming this weekend…:wink:


the bear is rigged now :slight_smile:


thats great gona be a awsome pic when its done


The story

In the early days of the planet earth there was another intelligent life form, which we refer to today as: ‘’the aliens’’. They were the first intelligent life form on planet earth, they came to this planet for it’s resources, like gold and diamonds which they could us as power source. But since planet earth wasn’t their home planet they had problems with living and working on our planet, they weren’t used to this much gravity, and they couldn’t eat the food on our planet. Their resource gathering took to long, and became too expensive. So they decided to make a new life form which could life and breath on this planet. And which they could use for their work on this planet. This life form became mankind; we were basically used as slaves for these aliens. After they had everything they needed, most of us were killed. Some managed to escape though. They managed to stay alive on this planet and grew. Our kind became smarter and stronger over the years. They aliens came every thousand years to check upon us, we were allowed to live as long as we didn’t form any threat to them. But with their check in the year 2000, they saw that we grew too strong, and thus became a threat to them. They prepared for war, to once again wipe out the human kind, but his time once and for all. In the year 2039 The battle for earth began. As far as you could call it a battle, the humans still weren’t any match for the aliens, and most of them were brutally slaughtered. The aliens defeat us, and mankind was wiped from the face of the earth. Though again some people managed to survive, but this time they were mostly haunted down and killed. The aliens searched our planet every day for the once remaining. These people lived in fear, could this be the end of the human race? Or is there still some hope left?


Just finished texturing the bear (deafult scanline render)


And here’s the first wip of the little boy’s head…

The box is gonna be a cap…:arteest:


A small update of the head.


A little update of the boy, still needs lots of work :slight_smile:


great stuff looks like it will be a pretty realistic looking image when its done