Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Wouter van Vugt


Wouter van Vugt has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Well… guess this is it :slight_smile:

(edit: let’s put the story in the first post as well, makes it somewhat more clear :slight_smile: )

The story

In the early days of the planet earth there was another intelligent life form, which we refer to today as: ‘’the aliens’’. They were the first intelligent life form on planet earth, they came to this planet for it’s resources, like gold and diamonds which they could us as power source. But since planet earth wasn’t their home planet they had problems with living and working on our planet, they weren’t used to this much gravity, and they couldn’t eat the food on our planet. Their resource gathering took to long, and became too expensive. So they decided to make a new life form which could life and breath on this planet. And which they could use for their work on this planet. This life form became mankind; we were basically used as slaves for these aliens. After they had everything they needed, most of us were killed. Some managed to escape though. They managed to stay alive on this planet and grew. Our kind became smarter and stronger over the years. They aliens came every thousand years to check upon us, we were allowed to live as long as we didn’t form any threat to them. But with their check in the year 2000, they saw that we grew too strong, and thus became a threat to them. They prepared for war, to once again wipe out the human kind, but his time once and for all. In the year 2039 The battle for earth began. As far as you could call it a battle, the humans still weren’t any match for the aliens, and most of them were brutally slaughtered. The aliens defeat us, and mankind was wiped from the face of the earth. Though again some people managed to survive, but this time they were mostly haunted down and killed. The aliens searched our planet every day for the once remaining. These people lived in fear, could this be the end of the human race? Or is there still some hope left?


And here’s my first wip :slight_smile:

tell my what you think about it so far…


wow , nice modeling :thumbsup:



a 'lil update, mostly interior…
(texturing is gonna be hell :shrug: )
But the mesh is still pretty far from finished so…


geeze thats frikin awesome man(i know i sound like a 12 year old there but this is cool) good job man!


Thnx man,

The storie and some concepts will probably be there somewhere tommorow :bounce:


It kind of makes me think of an ancient futuristic type thing if you get what I mean. Anyway, great work so far cant wait to see more.



Well this is just a lil bump, cause i got the story ready… :rolleyes:


Great story and very nice and highly detailed model so far!
Can’t wait to see some sketch of the whole scene.:thumbsup:


ye shame u didnt read the faq / rules . since this has been entered for the GoT contest too …

Q: I am currently working on another space opera-theme project (commercial/non-commercial/whatever). Can I make my image for this contest based on the other project?
A: Be original and imaginative please. Create a unique image.


Well it’s not against the rules.

And beside’s you know yourselfe that that’s not a real contest, c’mon man. It’s for some fun, it’s an amateur site. But i will quite that than no problem…


im just poking you to be more original for this project instead of using files u created for another

bout the rules

your not alowed to use premade models
technicly this is what u did since the model existed prior to the start of this contest



concept will come tomorrow :wise:


Than doesn’t make it less original… I made it all up myselfe. And besides yours looks like the ship from Homeworld, i think that’s not original…:wise:


actualy it doesnt .

your allowed to draw inspiration from any existing sci-fi game / movie / series
thats basicly what i did …
altough i’ve never seen Homeworld itself [ only homeworld 2 and the scene is based on a variation of the battles i’ve done in it]

the basic shape of the carier design resembles the was inspired by the cruiser of Hw2 .
yet all other craft involved havent been inspired by homeworld at all but they use the same kind of “trails” .


Hey matey…

Nice looking stuff there-however u arent allowed 2 use models made prior to the start of the contest. But judging from your skill so far that shouldnt pose such a problem for you!

Excellent modeling.


WOW! This modelling looks great! (and that for a Dutch :slight_smile: boy at the age of 17 or so :scream: ) You did that in Max?! :stuck_out_tongue: Could you explain a little bit of your method (to get it that smooth)… Is it all poly & MSmooth? Interesting way of modelling in all ways…!

2 offtopic things:

  • I agree that that GOT-stuff/contesteds is not really cool. I also checked it out some time, but I don’t feel happy at that place. Same for (if you post something AWESOME over there, they’re far from as happy as people are here about it :slight_smile: ). If I were you I’d also quit that other…
  • Something fun; I know someone who has alsmost same name as you, but not ‘van Vught’ but ‘de Vugt’. Also he’s as old as you are! :twisted:

Greetz & allot good luck, Gijs

BTW: please don’t forget to give us a sketch :wink:


…nothing anymore :slight_smile:


And a small update


You’d better start all over again. Making a sketch of you prior used model won’t help. Common be fair. You made this model before the start of this contest. You can better admit it and restart all over again. It will save you allot of suspicious glances.