Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Wong Keet Mun


yo man looks like the texturing is progressing well! im just waiting for the mood of the piece to be set in…


Great entry man. Nice modelling and composition.
I think the ‘atrium’ setting (i made that up) will give ya a sorta frame into the background. It points ur eyes to the futuristic buildings after feasting in the traditional details that decorate the buildings at the riverbanks!

Nice! Keep it up!:thumbsup:


hi Wong…
i think you should setup basic textures (they can be very basic but giving idea about general color ballance) and only after that start setting up lighting… all the more such complex as you have…
about caustics can’t say anything cos have no idea…
cheers mate… :beer:


Awesome dude! thanks for showing the pictures… I told ya the light was going to bounce, no matter what :slight_smile:

- cheers!!! :bounce:


Yina - Heh heh…thanks we’ll see about the mood I hope… Quick, post some crazy mad illustration in this forum! Show the world the light! :applause:

maranello55 - Thanks…But I’m not too sure what you mean when you say atrium. Do you mean the corridors along the river? Thanks again! Glad you like it.

greentek - Yup thanks, I think I’ll put lighting on hold for now and finish up all my textures and models first. my process is rather messy now… :smiley:

ARSA - No probs mate. But I do have a concern. My scene is in the day, the river base can’t be seen, and there is no strong light source directly above the river, so there might not be any caustic reflections or refractions at all… I dunno, I’ll take it a step at a time, and see how it goes after I finish the other stuff first. Thanks for the help, really appreciate it!

Here’s something interesting…

here’s a picture of my local chinatown, if any of you are interested. It’s not very dirty, and it’s pretty commercialised(well it’s chinatown I guess) Have fun. More updates coming soon!



Yup Wong…I meant the corridor. Keep it up!:thumbsup:



It’s coming along nicely. And good idea testing that caustics in the water. I was wondering, did you paint those girls yourself? They rock! I think this is going to be a great piece, keep it up.


Very interesting idea. I like the concept artwork very much. The gandola is a nice touch. I can’t wait to see this scene finished.


HieSpike - Thanks mate. Sadly, I didn’t paint those girls. They were probably painted by someone way more senior than me, and probably more experienced in the arts! Sorry to disappoint! :scream:

||) |V| |^| - Thanks! :bounce: Still texturing right now, so there’s much to do before it comes to life.

And now…


Here’s another texturing update. For my level of skill, texturing the building on the right was truly excruciating. But it’s done I guess. Got to work on the lighting… I’m not very happy with the signboard at the start of the bridge, will probably redo that one.

Cheers guys


wow, your design is very unique , i like the asian look, the man on the boat is great! remind me of chinese painting,keep going! man!


by the way… adding noise filter on some of the textures might help to make them more realistic… maybe you might want to try. good work so far! :bounce:


I guess everything look good so far, regarding the caustics, the 2 main buildings are going to be casting shadows at each other, threfore you will be able to see the caustic :). I insist mate! adding those caustic rays, are going to add more visual to the image, take for example the bottom of the little boat, is so dark, if you add some under the water lamps, to lit up a bit the bottom, it will look alot nicer, and I will be able to see more detail in the image. Do you have a sun light? is this light source way on top of the buildings or is sitting in between the buildings? I personally think you should re-consider liting up the scene.

ps: forget the caustic if you dont like it, but at least lit up the bottom, cuz is way too dark. Add some black/purple/blue lights or something, to separate objects from 100% black spots in the shadows.

It looks like you only have one light casting shadows? In such a place I’m prety sure the light is bouncing all over the place, specially because of the water, I suggest reconsider adding at least 2 more shadows. ( one of the shadows 75% as strong as the main source and the other one 25% persent as strong as the main source) this will add variation to the shadows)Also you can add a map to one of the light sources to, obtain some sort of pattern in the shadow, like something is in the way of one of the lamps.

Such a complex scene, need the right amount of light, so it doesnt look flat. Hope I made sence :smiley:



yeah mate…
setting up all the stuff for your scene is going to be very pain in @$$ so i wish you the best of luck my friend!
untill later and cheers… :beer:


monsitj - Thanks man, appreciate it.

Yina - Yup I’ve got bump maps for almost all the objects, but they’re not very apparant. Oh and thanks for helping out with the monitor thing :bounce:

GreenTek - Yeah good mate thanks, it’s becoming very painful, :banghead: but I’ll work through it. :buttrock:

ARSA - Whoa that’s a lot of feedback. Really thankful to you friend for being so honest with me all this while. I checked with some of my friends with different monitor screens, and yes I have a serious f*@#&ng problem with my brightness. It’s really dark right? Don’t know why, but it looks fine on my screen. But now that I do know it’s so dark I’ll fix it right away.

Regarding the caustics, i think I misunderstood you earlier on. If you’re referring to the river reflecting the buildings, then yes definitely I’ll make it so, but only later on as the raytrace will slow my system down a lot.

As for the other stuff, I’ll have to tackle them later, because of my brightness problem. Thanks a whole lot my friend! :buttrock:



I think the initial scene brightness needs to be a bit brighter. But its ok for this stage i guess till you add some more light bounces like ARSA said.

To look natural and real, adding caustic will depend on few things and one of them is the positionof your sun and the refractivity of your water body.

Real life example:

If your sky is bright enough, the water should reflect the sky and the clouds and you can see the caustics on the buildings. Its imposibble to see any water lamp if you intend to put any in this situation.

The only way i think to boost up your caustics and therefore really bringing up ur water properties is to do it in a darker, dusky environment.

All the best!!


Ok here’s another attempt to brighten up the scene. I managed to get a bit of texturing done, but I’ve lit up the bottom of the river as suggested by ARSA.

PLease do tell me if it needs to be even brighter, for some reason my screen is showing things brighter than others… Thanks!

Cheers everybody


maranello55 - Yeah man…there’ll definitely be reflections of the water, just that to get that actual funcky caustic effect on the building walls will require some strong light like you said and with my scene setting I don’t see that quite happening. Oh well I’ll prob try it anyway later on. Thanks!



I’m little bit confused about the textures should be rusted metal?
Sorry - i think the textures are too blury.
But if it is just test don’t read the above text:)


PLease post a wire of the scene, so I can examine it better, and please use a “legend” in the image to indicate the light sources that you have in the scene. (like color, intensity, type of light) that way I can return my feedback more clear.

I will forget about the caustic for now :applause: But I’ll be back for you “caustic” :twisted:

note: the image still dark in certaing areas, and way too bright in others. I think you should start your lighting from the begining. Example, post an image with your sun only, so we can see how is everything reacting to the sun only. then way for our feedback, and therefore you will find where or why you have those dence shadows.