Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Wong Keet Mun


Well here’s the update of my texturing. Haven’t put in the textured columns, but here it is anyway. I like to work from bottom up…



Climax - Thanks, you all kick ass!

Virtuoso - Thanks, actually the reason the textures look soft is because I can’t texture rough harhahrhar :scream: But thanks, honoured indeed…


Wonderful work so far! I really like your chinatown, want to see more:)

If anything, I could wish for more light - perhaps some dim spots lightening up some details- but it will perhaps come along with the texturing. Just keep doing what you do.


I really like the concept and everything, the modeling is looking good, great textures… but…

Can you add more lights to the scene? Is too dark, I mean these people dont live in a cave, its a city… right? even at night cities have lights going on. specially in places like this. The moon, maybe is really bright tonight or something like that.

love your work so far :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

- cheers!


Gunilla, ARSA - Thanks guys! Yes I definitely agree the place is too dark. I’ll have to place my lights carefully. ARSA, about your suggestion to put caustic lights coming from the river, I don’t think it might work, as the river is basically stinky water. But I’ll try and illuminate the river more. And now… to brighten the place up.

Cheers guys


Do a test at home, try to assimilate the water in the river, in a glass or base, (prefferible glass) and go to a dark place, add some light to it from the bottom, and you will see caustic, and if the light is comming from all directions, you will have caustics because of the “bounce” of the light in the water :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!


Note: try the experiment its really cool … :bounce:


Hey you read my mind man, I was thinking of trying the experiment you mentioned. Thanks! Your designs look great, hope to see the models soon!



Please if you do the experiment, post pictures, like if you have a digital camera or something, so everybody can see it :slight_smile:



definitely man!


nice textures mate!
look very wery well! especially i like pics of a girls :slight_smile: they really look very nice…
cheers mate!


Thanks man, I’ll post more goodies soon!



• Nice texturing pal! :arteest: :arteest:


wow…your texturing progress is really good friend!! all those details will make this one of the most interestings works here! those letters are chinese?..what it says there? just curios…doent matter at all…cya:wavey:


Here’s a lighting WIP. Here’s version 1…


Here’s the wire…


Here a second version, with some more lights…


here’s the wire…

Very grateful for the feedback about my lighting problems, but I’m rather confused right now. I’m trying to do a day scene, and it’s supposed to look somewhat sad and moody. I’m not sure if the problem in the scene is generally too dark or only if some places are too dark, But I just illuminated the dark corridors anyway.


i’ve just finished the pillars at the corridor. Got quite irritating after a while heh heh…

Note…lighting is constantly WIP, so it’s constantly subject to change. Do give me your opinion thanks!


Climax - Thanks for the praise, you’re too kind!

rattlesnake - about those letters…I think it’s "little shanghai small dragon shop’…I
m prob wrong. My chinese is crap, and I’m chinese…harhar! :scream:



Ok here’s an experiment I did to test water caustics.

Here’s the setup. Calm water, no caustic reflections or refractions.

Under toilet lighting, I ‘disturb’ the water surface, and caustic refractions can be seen.

Under concentrated light from an exterior source, caustic reflections can now be seen.

My findings…

  • A calm water surface has no caustic reflections or refractions, under normal or focused light
  • A moving water surface will have caustic refractions, but need a focused light source to produce caustic reflections.

Considering the fact that my river contains polluted water, the river base won’t be seen, so I can’t put caustic refractions. Caustic reflections is still a question mark. My scene is set in the day, the river lights are not on. Should there be caustic relfections? Let the debate begin!

Thanks for all opinions on this test!