Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Wong Keet Mun


alrighty, I’m back from my ‘social commitment’! :bounce: Couldn’t get much modelling done so I decided to design the rest of the main elements in my scene. The girl is the main character, who will be standing on the bridge, and there you have the train that runs on the right and lastly I have to model the big gigantic advertising ship that floats through the scene.

The main character will probably be wearing something red, to stand out from the cool colours that the rest of the city has. I hope you guys like her dress, I want it to be something attractive, yet elegant. Do give me some suggestions!

Regarding the city, I haven’t put in as many tubes as might have been expected, that’s because i don’t wish to overdo the tubes and spoil the final image. We’ll see how it goes…

Cheers people


taz23 - Thanks, really appreciate the encouragement. Yup i agree it is good to draw out your concepts first, no matter how good or bad your drawing skills are, to sort out your thoughts. I’m really lucky 'cause I’m in design school,2nd year, so they teach us to plan plan plan, and they teach us to draw as well! :slight_smile:

kaajey - you know something man? I hadn’t thought about the light ray thing yet, so you have just given me a great idea! I’m going to explore all those possibilities, thanks. I think I’ll start texturing the city now before continuing any more modelling, so that I don’t freak myself out with the all the texturing when I’m done modelling. And yes, I’m thinking GITS level of detail, which really scares me…

Cheers guys…


I like the dress. Specially the belt.

And I think that this is a great composition idea.Keep goin’.:thumbsup:


kaajey - Thanks man, I’m thinking of making it ‘classier’ and more elegant. We’ll see how it goes later on. But for now…

Ok guys this is the part that really CRIPPLES me. Texturing… here goes…

Textured the robot and the boat, but the robot texture is rather simplistic, and can’t really be seen. The boat itself…I’m just lost, totally lost. Pls, anyone, help me… :banghead:

I textured the base of the right building, which is not really apparent due to my lighting setup. Tested the boat as well, which is not really good…

Here’s a part of the building texture. I edited some concrete texture that i took in my local Chinatown, and painted the dirt and barnacles, if you can see them. I think this one turned out better than the boat, but I’ll keep working on it since it’s pretty much in the foreground.

I’m really not confident of my texturing skills, that’s why I decided to tackle this while there’s still time, and model some more later. Please do C&C if you have any…thanks

Cheers people
:banghead: :buttrock:


really cool concept/idea… I like the perspective especially!

can’t wait to see more!


Hello there :smiley: awesome work! keep it up man!

I would suggest adding some more lights, for example (under the water) to give the scene somehow ambience light at the bottom :slight_smile:

and show some caustic on the walls :slight_smile: - sweet

  • cheers!


wow, this is excellent work… I love that boat, it has so much character…

texturing is looking awesome, nice patterns along the side



great updates mate!! modeling is done extremely well! :thumbsup:
as for textures i can’t see anything wrong with boat texture… all the more it’s not finished yet…
looking forward mate and keep it up!


look mate… why are you not submiting posts in formal way??? WHY?
don’t you want people can see your updates? don’t you need crits/comments?
folk is giving huge amount of great ideas and advices… and simply supporting your efforts by words of encouragement… you don’t need them?
and many of them are checking updates through this link:

and where is there your thread? on the 12th page…
you already have missed so many replys… you have to pay a bit more attention to that my friend…
btw i’ve been in your beautiful city when i was young… great and wonderful city… then it was prob to smoke a cigarretes on the street… :smiley: i’m sure now it’s much more good…
enjoy it and submit your entries in the formal way… :smiley:


Huh? You mean I have to submit every pic formally? Alrighty I’ll do that then… I thought milestones actually meant only proper pieces heh… Thanks again mate…I’ll do that right now… :scream:



i like the environment youre creating…it has feeling!..and youre doing a very good work with your textures…of course i have to follow your development!.. and also i wish u good luck man!


Ok here’s the boat partly textured. I’ve made some improvements to it, now I just need to post it…later with my other progress.


Here’s a texturing test with the boat and the right wall being textured…Not apparant yet…


Here’s a picture of the texture map… Need to make more improvements


Ok once again please ignore the duplicates, just submitting them formally. And thanks again Paul for helping me out,I definitely need all the feedback and crit I can get. I’m still very much a newbie here!

Lehmi - Thanks man, I can’t wait to do more too! :wip:

ARSA - Those are great ideas, I’ll keep working on my lighting until the end, thanks yet again friend! :buttrock:

Versiden - Thanks, I hope I get my texturing right all the way.

GreenTek -

then it was prob to smoke a cigarretes on the street

Heh heh, yup it’s like this around here, glad you liked the place. :buttrock:

rattlesnake - Thanks, I’m really glad you guys think my work is emotive and projects character, this is what I hope people feel everytime they see my work.

Cheers people!


Hey men! Your stinky city kicks some asses as well!!:eek: :thumbsup:


Textures are looking pleasant,a nice tone,a nice softness.I like the whole piece/entry here,a nice mood and atmosphere.i will be watching your progress Wong Keet…You are doing a fine job here…:thumbsup:


Here are some of the texture maps I did. It’s pretty straightforward, simple cloning of photos and painting of dirt and grime. Nothing revolutionary…



The maps on the models themselves. I have about 7 more of such models to texture, plus the signboards, plus the buildings…plus the bridge…plus…plus… But it’s all fun!

Cheers people