Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Wong Keet Mun


Hi Wong,

hey man, you really have an eye for compositions. Like “Nomad” ,another great guy here in this contest, u do some sight-steering for the audience which suits your stuff very well!!!
Keep it up like that, dude! Have to agree with Yina about the size of the ship- could be bigger to see the details!!
Rock on, Wong:thumbsup: :buttrock:


Yina - Hey ya, yup maybe I should put it closer, thanks! Heard about Dom? He’s not participating anymore. You know anything?

Saschi0815 - Thanks man, i’ll try and find Nomad’s entry!

Well, here’s just how slow I’m working…

Here’s a confession, i’m not very happy with the way the buildings further back turned out. It’s not finished yet, but I doubt I’ll make any more changes to them. I’ll probably build further. Most of the building will be blocked by this gigantic flying advertising ship that floats through the river. And yes I haven’t finished the train…heh heh…

Cheers people


I like your idea keep going
I’ve subscribed this thread so Iam always on
Best wishes


very interesting; alot of small details here and there. I like the overall composition. I suggest adding somemmore pipes around the border of the canal. Like a main line going all across the water canal.



very good work!! I love the concept and the initial modelling and composition is so coool!! :thumbsup: those pipes really add to the pic I’d increase the amount of them as to have more details! keep it up! :bounce:


kaajey - Thanks man :slight_smile:

ARSA - Thanks, I think I should put more pipes as well. You keep going as well!

oblivionblack - Thanks!. So, more pipes it shall be!

Cheers guys!


Wow, Your concept is really coming along. I must admit when I first read the story of the peaceful coexistance, I was happy to hear someone was going that route, but what you’ve changed it too is very nice! Nice modeling and composition. Keep at it and good luck



hey!! you have made a big progress!! excelent work! keep going!!:thumbsup:


HieSpike & Smooth-Criminal - Thanks guys. Personally I fear my concept and execution is too simple, but I guess it’s a bit too late for that now! :scream:

Alrighty here’s my latest update. I’ve just finished the buildings, but I’m not done yet with pipes. There will be more, when I find the right places to put them.

Eh, I didn’t like the way the boat turned out with its new position, I’ll probably rearrange it…

I’ll be away from CG for the next few days, I’ve got some ‘social commitments’ to fulfill (Yina: class chalet), so I doubt I can make anymore progress for the next 3 or 4 days. So see you guys next week!

Cheers people


hi Wong…
man i have to advise you to start submitting WIPs in a formal way cos for final judging it’s also very important when exactly you started your work and believe to me that no one will check your thread but wathcing only entrys, their comments and dates of posting…



markovicd - Hey sexy man! (that sounded very gay…which I’m not) Thanks, you keep up the hard work as well. One day us young punks will rule the CG world! :scream:

hahah :slight_smile:
what one day we already rule! :smiley:
hahahah kidding…
i hope so mate! :slight_smile:


Notice! Please ignore the the next few entries. I’m just submitting my work formally. Man I had no idea my thread would be updated like this… Thanks GreenTek




Step 2…


Step 3…


Step 4…


Step 5…

To all those a bit lost as to what is going on, I’m submitting my work formally, and that’s why I have so many entries in 5 minutes. All these are in the thread already, but I’m just resubmitting them. Cheers!


ha… have fun. will look forward to the next update!


Super work you got here dude. It seems to me you enjoy much more the 3d environment then 2d. It’s good that you still draw your composition. I’ve seen guys that start modeling with no sketch and believing they have a very good idea about what their’ doing. Some times they do :slight_smile: most of the times they don’t.
I really like where your composition is going. Can’t wait to see the textures and a great level of detail like in “Ghost in the shell”. Keep it up dude! :thumbsup:


Yes good progress.
I’m wating to see it textured.
I like that the buildings are high and only few rays of light will hit the water. Makes overbiult city feeling.