Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Wong Keet Mun


Wong Keet Mun has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Real Final!

OK here’s the adjustment of my final, brightened the place up a bit, hopefully it’s enough…


My oh my…my first CGChallenge and look who I find in the tourney. Roberto Ortiz! This won’t be easy…



Here goes… this is my rough concept: A distant future where 3 major races in the universe have learnt to live in harmony. No pollution, no war, and no impending conflict. Yet. My sketch shows a sort of city square with a gigantic monument depicting the 3 races standing side by side. Haven’t designed the monument yet, thus the big ugly box thing. It’s gonna be a huge city square, so I’ll have plenty of details to work out within the next 7 days. I’m giving myself a week for the designs. Be back soon…



^^ hello there :slight_smile:

Great Start!
Looks like you have a great concept here. I’m looking forward to help you improve “tecknicly” your vision :smiley: (note: My improvements are based upon my personal opinion and does not mean they are the best to go with)

My suggestion:
First of all I will suggest adding the 3 races, I mean 3 characters to represent the 3 races, add some sort of mother ship (top of image), and add bridges or tubes, among the buildings :). Color the sketch lightly so I can defirenciate among objects. and due to the atmosphere, I would give the scene a night atmosphere ^^ lots of night ligts, and some stars in the sky,

Hope to see your more of your work :bounce:



wooh thanks for the feedback. Indeed I’m definitely applying some your suggestions, working as i type now! Cheers, be back soon.



Looking forward to see it :thumbsup:


where are the updates? :smiley: bring them on!


school…project…choking…me… But I’m considering redoing the concept… Updates in a day or two!



I’ve sort of decided on an overhaul from my previous design. I realised that I didn’t really feel much for the previous concept. What I really wanted to do was something depressing, melancholic, and moody. So here’s my new idea. I really want to create a living breathing world with lots of people that describe the qualities I just mentioned. Some things from the previous concept will still be used though, like one of the races and I’ll still be implementing the suggestions given by ARSA, like lighting and the mothership.

It’s still really rough, I want to finalise the composition and move on to all the details, which I’m actually doing now. :slight_smile:

The last picture was actually supposed to be used for the monument in the first concept, but I thought I’ll just post it anyway. I’ll retain one of the two ‘alien’ races, either the mermaid or the wing creature. Right now i prefer the mermaid, as I can show her in the river.

Next update, a detailed colour test for the scene! To be done over the weekend.



Hello! I like the thought of 3 races in a living breathing world and the last concept looks promising with a big cityscape. My suggestion would be to try to get some characters closer to the camera view to bring out the emphasis on the 3 races.

Will follow your progress :thumbsup:


wow… you have a lot of sketches here… and pretty nice i have to say…
i’ll keep an eye and wait for further development to comment…
cheers and good luck in challenge!:thumbsup:


Osynlig - yup I’ll definitely put them quite close to the screen. Working…working… :smiley:

greentek - thanks, more detail coming soon!


Ok I know I promised a ‘detailed colour sketch’, but this is the best I could pull off in 2.5 days. There’s still lots more detail to work out, but I think I’ll start modelling now and design as I move along.

Those white squares are commercial signboards. Anybody want their names as shop signboards? I’m open to that idea.

C&C Appreciated!


Death to all signboards. All hail the mighty giant LCD screens. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe u can mix and match and see what works best. yeah maybe the signboards for the more “ghetto” areas and LCD screens for the city districts.

Looking forward to more updates!


Oh yes…LCDs…Or even holograms! Got to consider that, thanks, senior!



hi keetmun…

it’s hard to say something about signboards… all depends on the main sense you are trying achieve… but you have to consider few things…

  1. including signboards you must decide what letters of the alphabet you’ll use… some real or invent your own… real one will obviously identify a nationality of your civilization…

  2. if you decide to use commercials it’s better to use some neon-like lightings…

nice composition btw… :thumbsup: keep it up…


Thanks for the suggestions, GreenTek!

I’m trying to show a commercial district that has a lot of wear and tear, and looks generally pessimistic. Think 'Ghost in the Shell’y. My references include the streets of Hong Kong and Venice. Most of the signs would be in Chinese or Japanese, if I can get my hands on some Japanese software… I’ve still got lots to sort out.

Thanks again GreenTek!


dude, don’t call me that… I feel ancient… like a dinosaur. dahahahahaa. :scream:


I really like the last sketch, you have made a great progress, I think that a futurist touch but could be good, I am in agreement with adding LCD screens, it remembers to me the movie the fifth element or bladerunner!! keep the good work!!:thumbsup:


if you’ll use Chinese or Japanese writings you have to use vertical signboards, LCD’s or whatever… for your composition they should suit extremely well and make strong vertical movement… must look great…