Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: William Kohl Brown III


William Kohl Brown III has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: Thisis really the final image

Adjusted the middleground of theground level structures. Additional tweeks in Photoshop


Space Opera:
Space opera as I grew up was a sub-genre of hard science fiction. It usually had a futuristic civilization and space ships but not a lot of hard science. My pop collected science fiction from the thirties on. I grew up on the stuff. Ed Emsh covers on Ace double-paperbacks were the windows into this wondrous world when I was a lad.
Another subgenre of space opera could be found in the SF pulp Weird Tales; this variety was called the Bug-Eyed Monster (BEM). My entry is an homage to this genre with a twist. The early SF covers usually featured a male hero saving a helpless female from a BEM. My image will show a heroic iconic female hero in a life-and-death struggle with a BEM flying on a rocket sled hurtling through the air.


dynamic drawin ya got there … and how can a hate a rocket blasting BEM ??

sounds unique and lively

best o’ luck to ya with the fun:thumbsup:


BEM modeled in Silo3D. 3842 vertices. First take on the bug-eyed monster model.


Hey Pigwater!
Thanks for the words of encouragement!

All the best to you! :slight_smile:


I like the concept sketch and the alien looks really good, especially the belly. THe upper parts of the legs looks a bit too flat although…


Unsubdivided box model of the heroine. Modeled in Silo3D.


I’m using Silo’s feature that gives me the ability to toggle back and forth between the unsubdivided box model to subdivided without having to commit to a higher poly count. This makes it super easy to see the form and stay flexible as I create the heroine character.


I’ve rough modelled the flying sled and made some adjustments to the BEM. I’ve added the partially built heroine model to adjust scale in relation to the fly platform.

I still have a lot of work to do on the vehicle, character models and set models.


I exported the models out of silo into Amorphium 3.0 for a quick preliminary lighting test,

I use Amorphium for quick sketch renders and modeling tweaks.


WIP Heroine Model about halfway sculpted. Started to work costume.


i just completed the models hands. I’ve finally found software that lets me model with ease and control and at low poly counts.


I’ve nearly completed the figure.


Beefed up the BEM model. He has more heft to him.


Test tender in Vue of the heroine with notional clothing idea.


I’ve boned and posed the figures and set them up in Electric Image Animation System. This is preliminary work to establish the BEM and heroine textures. I’ve also started work on the basic lighting setup as well.


Hi there! You have very good sketch. I like the dynamism and drama in it. You should work on a more dramatic light… maybe light them from different sides, with different colors(orange, red, blue…), but very softly and gently. Nice start you have, I wish you best:thumbsup:



Thanks for the words of encouragement! I will definitely be using your comments re the lighting and light color. I appreciate your compliments and criticism. Good luck!


Test render using EIAS 5.5. Still have additional work on the flying platform instrumentation and running lights. Additonal background elements will be added for the distant background. Still working on final lighting adjustments. This image was saved, downsampled and compressed from a 4000 pixel image.


Made adjustments to textures, lighting and modeling (running light). Composited a new background element with three moons. Very close to final image, just have to make some minor tweaks to make it all work at high-res. Light Photoshop work where there were obvious problems with the render. Not much though.