Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Volodymyr Derhachov


I like the look you’re going for - actually it looks more like painting than 3d, very cool!

(edit- and I wrote that before I saw that’s what you aim for)

Good luck in completing it :thumbsup:


Hi there Volodymyr!
Nice one here, :thumbsup: I like the shadows and stuff, but imho You should brighten the back of the soldier on the left, cause now it is much to dark, let say that he is lit from another light source from the back :wink: atliest make the armor brighter just to show of some details.
Good luck mate and thanks for the feedback!


Thanks Kaksht,
Actually I’ve made soldier’s back so dark to reach the contrast and to guide spectator to more light areas.
Anyway I partly agree with you.
Now I’m working on lightning his back a BIT…


At last!!!
My final image in jpeg
I’m so happy that my pc have survived! It was suffering so much last two weeks.
Being able to make no more than one operation in 30-60 sec. (clicks included !) is not easy
to support :)) I thought my hdd will leave me too soon…
So the last week I spent only on tweaking some lights and render settings.
Stoip! it’s not da finishline yet - jugging ahead!


Hey, congrats man!!! :scream: Very great image that Youve done! Lots of dynamic, that will get ya into the final :thumbsup:


I can’t vote for some reason… It say’s I need to logon but I already am… Anyway just wanted to say that yours is one of the best… They are some with more “stuff” going on in them but I really like your composition and the size and all… well, Looks more like a sci-fi book cover I looked at when I was a child in the local shopping-malls.

Very good…


Thanks glassefx,
I appreciate your attention man.
It’s a pitty that you can’t vote - I’d like to:)
Good to receive comments even after challenge ends - it gives a feeling that life still goes on :))


glassefx: You might have to log into CGNetworks in order to vote: CGTalk and CGNetworks are two seperates sites, even though they’re both own by the same people. :slight_smile:


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