Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Volodymyr Derhachov


finaly some movement forvard.
lightning set up in process, but without BG for now.
Behind “windows” will be mutch illuminated landscape (probably dune-like), so later I need to check out how this contrast will be. Anyway I’m still considering the solution…


And here is my environmental BG and some in-progress images.
Pretty simple: layered texture combining gradient, stars and clouds.
Plus some fod (sand of the dunes :slight_smile:
Later I’ll add starships also (which should cause that kadabooom in the “midgroung”)


Now I’ve got those two composed together. Some objects are still missing so I’ll have to return to
modelling for a while.
But I still not sure about lightning (the ballance between inner and outer, shadows ect.).
look forward for C&Cs especially concerning lightning.


Cool carakters and the whole idea with the soldiers overwhelming entrance and capturing the throne.
I think maybe you could add some more sun or moonlight from the background shining through the windows, just to let the background interact with the foreground, and maybe a little orbital bombardment in the distance or some hovercrafts humming in the distance, to get the space felling going.
Keep up the good work.


Thanks a lot zuraq!
Yes, interaction - really good idea.
An answer to your suggestion could be a volumetic light sourse. I’ll try this immidiatly. The only thing I’m not sure about is “masking the sky” whitch probably will be prodused by vol. ligth beams where they will cover it. Anyway I’ll check it out.
And also I want to add an iteraction through general lightning.
And hovercrafts… They will be there, no doubts :slight_smile:
An orbital borbadment - fresh tip for me but I’m not sure about succseeding time terms dealing with it… Pitty


continue adding detalisation to the composition.
Invaders’ desrtoyer under construction.
Simple sharp-angled form due to the stylisasion of all “bad guys”.
Actually it will not be much detailed because it gonna be
partly covered by volumetric light of BG and others will be too small on the final image.


the most recent and I think the last detail to be added to my scene.
Droped handgun is stylised to be more retro-like but also multi-barreled etc. as sci-fi artefact:
After this - finaly Big Rendering!


and here is my low-res rendering of the whole scene before post processing.
After full-res I’ll paint/refine shadows, some FX, remove “bugs” :slight_smile:
Please shoot me with c&c before it’s not too late!!


Wow! thats something! Very good composition! I will be a great pic!


Hi Vlodymyr!

Wow, now thats an excelent render You have made. very impresing and promessing.

Dunno what to adwise here… Hmmm… Maybe You can rounden a little bit the knee of the dieing fella in front, and maybe the carpet should have those bumps all the way to the end, atliest a couple of more meters.
Overall, a very good entry :thumbsup: !


Kaksht, thanks for adwise!
I’ll consider rounding the knee. It would be really better to make so, but I’m afraid it will not be so easy adjust the model after skinning and positioning it… Anyway I’ll try to figure it out.
And the carpet distortions… Continuing them cuold also add more detalisation and feeling of a form, but my idea was to let them only give more expression to the foreground characters (to underline the movement of that one fallen…)


Ah, now I’ve understood about the bumps you mean!
Actually I haven’t notice this before. I’ll have to change texture’s smoothing method.
Dam, more and more renders to make before that last one…


The main light should come from the explosion, so the shadows are not in correct direction(see the foot)


So, after a long struggle with close-to-death pc I’ve finaly decided to proceed to full-res render.
I look forward to make some postprocessing!! but there is always something to correct…
Anyway, after your adwices (thanks guys) I’ve changed direction of shadow-caster light, colors of major part of lights and bumps of carpet.
This nigth I guess render will be launched :slight_smile:


Nice job, especially the lighting is really impressive. I would suggest to try and change the yellowish colour from the unigorm of either the invaders, or the defenders, to distinguish them a bit more.


hi Deryk, nice excellent work u have here!:)pretty impressive… the shadows here is a bit weird though!
but anyway overall its excellent work:thumbsup:!


thanks for warm oppinions!!!
Actually I am not sutisfied with shadows as well, but I’ll refine (and add) them in postproc.
there is still a lot to change!


Don`t even talk about final render. There is not even one reflection in the picture, no dark shadows, the contrast is shit, and the bump too. The bump on the windows frames is too high.
It looks like you have the same shader on all objects.BAD. Come on, you can make it better.


I see you’ve got sharp teeth.
But from the other hand bites can mobilise sometimes very effectively…
ok, what do you mean “contrast” (which is supposed to be shit)?


So, now I’m adding post effects to my picture: I’ve used z-buffer to add more “air perspective”,
some highlights, shading, shadows - I try to reach more painitg-like effect :slight_smile:
There is some stuff still missing - but today I plan to submit final image!!