Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Volodymyr Derhachov


Volodymyr Derhachov has entered the Grand Space Opera 3D.

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Latest Update: Final Image: final image!!

At last!!!
My final image in jpeg
I’m so happy that my pc have survived! It was suffering so much last two weeks.
Being able to make no more than one operation in 30-60 sec. (clicks included !) is not easy
to support :)) I thought my hdd will leave me too soon…
So the last week I spent only on tweaking some lights and render settings.
Stoip! it’s not da finishline yet - jugging ahead!


The scope is to show the dramatic moment - an upheaval caused by invaders, the fall of empire which esisted for hundreds of years…
The great changes are comming. Who knows what term is provided for the upcomming order by Destiny.


Here is a concept of an alien race present in a future composition.
This race is suffering an invasion so the face state is a bit tragic here.
I also add a low-res model at early stage as example of modelling process.


And this is my recent scetch of layout.
Here we have red figures - invanders and blue ones - the emperor (at the middle of a composition) and one of, let’s say, members of an old government (or someth.) who is acting here as a hostage (to make a scene more rich of emotions and dramatism) - he’s looking at the spectator…
At the BG we’ve got more (there will be much more) soldiers descending through a broken cupola of a palace. Also I plan to make a piece of an air battle visible through the transparent cupola.
The war is lost…


Nice concept and sketch!! However, I think it would be ideal to add something that relates it more to space. Perhaps with the battle going on in the background, you can make it clear that there are ships fighting in space or something. Keep up the good work!


And this is my concept of invaders’ soldier. They will be mostly in black combined with metal (cromic) parts of some equipement.


And this is how the invaders wiil look like.
Mainly wearing dark cloth (black ?) while some equipement elements will be cromic or light metallic.
Other clothes is planned to be stylised to fit the first WW tendention.


very nice man… wish you the best… keep them comming… ur modeling start is great and ur concept is nice too…


Sorry for not updating my “image stock” for such a long term.
Almost finished with invader’s modelling - all done using smoothing rough geometry with sub-div.
Soldier will also keep a weapon(partly attached to the back of his armor siute (“bullets stock” etc)).
And after - texturing (finaly!)


Nice invader’s model.


And here is project of a hand gun.
Included machinegun and flamethrower.
I’ve desided not to keep bullets on the soldier’s back but to leave it in the upper part of a gun.
So all together.
Also there is a shield in the front side of construction.
Some details are still missng :slight_smile:


That’s my concept of texturing a soldier.


and now the same character but this time with rigging completed (more or less).Finaly!
…rigging in Cinema4d 6 is NOT a fun:(
Next gona contuinue with government member and emperor.


Very nice character:thumbsup: I would only advice to make his arms bigger and longer.


The invader looks great - are you going for the same type of shaders for the entire scene? It could come out real good, keep it up and good luck! :thumbsup:



thanks for your reply to my thread now i´m here :slight_smile:
i really like this character and his gun… this doesn´t look
similar to anything i saw before, so it´s something new.

nice style, nice concept thumbsup

geetings Josh


And that’s my first layout (middle part) proposal using close-to-final foreground characters. It’s just rough rendering without lightning (nothing at all!).Also characters itself still need some tweaking…
Mainly bg will not be dark obviously…
For now I’m just used to it after test renderings:)


And finaly I’ve started with emperor’s model (and posing as well). That’s basic modelling. final model will not be rich of details due to to it’s distanse from camera. Just to get some point of his behavior…


seems like you have put a lot of thought into the details of your characters… the texturing on the previous one looks cool! look forward to some more renders


Neat stylizations on your work. Keep at it.