Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Vlad Pascanu


thanks for your critiques
some explanations
i only had 2 days for texturing 1day for rendering 1/2 for compositing
my fault
the face of the astronaut was modeled but it took too much to texture
the background does not match the reflection
my mistake
wanted the helmet/reflection to appear bigger in the final img but then i had to make bigger textures = render time up
soft shadows not so soft
not enough details

bottom line i really wanted to finish the challenge with a decent image

again thanks


Now I remember you from machine flesh ! great designs even then, and
you knew exactly what would have made this pic better, if you’d had the
time… dude… :thumbsup:

i think u gonna be somewhere around top 5 in this one , all the best to you in the



nuff said

gonna take this as wallpaper as special honours :smiley:
there really were so many good entries tho… I might have
been forced to give an extra 15 honorary mentions…

good work and better luck next time:thumbsup:


good luck to you too


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