Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Vlad Pascanu


upload next one:) the last uploaded is importand:) but it looks amazing anyway


link to my final not so green image


please follow the link
the image posted as final image IS NOT THE FINAL ONE


I think they closed the entries to early and will give some extra time for the uploads. Anyway, great work done here! I wish you best and see you on the next challenge:twisted:


wow, beautiful render. Make sure you submit this for Expose 3 consideration. I’d love to see the high-res version on paper.



I think U made brilliant job! And You made it with considerable short time! :thumbsup:


no men nice job you did it in short time and nice render…:thumbsup:


Very cool image you have finished with i think ! :thumbsup: I have also been very busy recently try not to feel to bad about not getting around the forum too much. I have found it very difficult to surf around being on dailup just takes soooooo long to do anything! Tonight is the fastest i have ever experienced surfing here! Everyone must be in bed! he he

Well good luck to you.
Kind Regards


I really liked this work but I wonder if it can ve compatible with the subject.However undoutedly you are a great artist.:applause:
Good luck!


it s done


Yes this one is better! Really amazing work. My congratulations. I wish you best and see you on the next challenge, with next ass-kicking stuff:twisted:


hey! This is really realistic :slight_smile: Excellent textures! Bravo :applause:


Nice details and textures, good work!


You have most definitely the best entry in the contest. I have already voted for you and I hope that you will come out victorious.
Also, I look forward to more of your work on CGTalk.
[right] -Good luck and have a good day, DevilHacker[/right]


it’s cool :cool:


Wow, very nice job (wish I could’ve come across this sooner). My only thought is the background behind the figure may have too much grain to it.
This one definately deserves a top spot on the list. :slight_smile:


Looks Great 5 out a 5 for me, just one question, why is it burry in the back ground and the reflection in the helmet in clear. I think you could clear the blurryness. and make light reflections on the left side were the space suit light is. Great Work


Agreed.It seems off subject,not at all grand enough.It will probbaly hurt it’s chances,But still one of my favorites,It’s just real nice.:thumbsup:


In my opinion it’s a bigger grand space opera than many other works here. Take a look… I understand it tis way: an astronaut(human) works on a space station in far future. In his helmet you cen see an alien reflected. First contact with aliens is for me a grand space opera:) It would be better noticeable if the helmet’s glass was more transparent, and some astonished man’s face would be seen. Well, at least that is how I interprete this piece of art.


Nah, I like it just fine without seeing the face: gives it a sense of mystery and drama. :wink: