Grand Space Opera 3D Entry: Vlad Pascanu


Really good modelling!
English is not my native language too, and its really painful to try to write any comments in english while U have modelled all day&night long.
Just one remark-the area of helmets glass surface-is this enough big to reflect the spaceships & stuff?
Ps. 2001 rocks :buttrock:


bravo omule, iti urmaresc lucrarile tale inca de cand postai la inceput pe VA…
nu am pentru tine decat laude si incurajari…

Goog work bombeu, clean meshes as usual. The concept is awesome.
Question: u use nurbs for modelling?




taavi you were right
i modified the helmet
at print rez it s ok
loading mersi
ce nick ai pe VA?
nurbs & subd it depends
i have to hurry if i want to finish in time so i use whatever modeling tools for a certain object just to build as fast as i can
i really like nurbs but poly modeling is faster


U are Nurb-master :slight_smile:
I am still polymodeller-too stupid for nurbs :frowning:
I think the helmet is just fine now!
I really hope U manage to finish before deadline
Good luck!



love your model and your concept!yes, professional sketches.
admire you!:thumbsup:


test render
i just wanted to get the right colours
textures will come and some detailed modeling
the left hand looks bad,iknow


U are in the right course! Hurry up :slight_smile:


Nice concept and modeling . Go for it man ! Can’t wait for the final .


hdri just for test


nice …do u have any resorce for hdri i can seee…:bounce:


3 or 4 textures to make
hdri just for test


wow ! great texture and lighting! one thing is the reflection of glass ! it’s reflect home window, or your astronaut is in his house? good luck !


hello monsitj
i was just testing my textures
i will change the hdri


The reflection was already mentioned… I think you need to look at the fabric of the suit, what is it made of? Right now it just feels like a plain grey lambert material.

Love the detail on the helmet!


nothing special
just 2 area lights
no gi no fg


8 hours of rendering
i need more ram




and the final image
i m not satisfied with it but…
next time
sorry for not having community interaction but i ve been very busy
thanks for c&c,good luck


oh no
i uploaded a wrong image as my final entry(jpeg)